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Cagnulari grapes

by Dec 10, 20160 comments

Cagnulari is an amazing variety of red grape that finds its main origin in Spain. This grape variety is primarily grown in the Rioja region.


The vines of this grape variety produce a relatively low yield, which is generally harvested in the ending days of October. This grape variety produces a number of wines that are very deep in color and very strong in their aroma.

Also, these wines entertain the ability to age pretty well which is admirable. This variety of red wine grape is very ancient as to its existence and is mostly grown around the city of Sassari, in Sardinia, Spain. The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are very elegant.

During the process of vinification, this grape variety could be used either as a single variety or can be blended with other varieties of grapes like Cannonau for the production of various interesting as well as structured wines.

The vineyard of this grape variety has the ability of settling itself quickly and therefore it can also be defined as a native vine of the region Sassari.

Bunches of the grapes are medium as to their size and are high in sugar as well as polyphenols and therefore the level of acidity in these grapes is very good.

Wine grape varieties

Cagnulari today is grown in a number of regions where it is used in the production of a number of wines. In Australia, this grape variety is taken into use either as a blend in the Tempranillo wine or as varietal wines.

In the regions of France, this grape is planted in the area named Languedoc-Roussillon as Morrastel. In the region of Spain, this variety of grape creates low yields and is also served as a key component of Gran Reservas in Navarra and Rioja.

Further, the vines of this grape are also grown in the regions of California, Argentina as well as Oregon. This grape is known under a number of names.

The synonyms of Cagnulari include the names like Xeres, Xerez, Tanat Gris, Bastardo Nero, Cagliunari, Graciano, Graciana, Grosse Negrette, Karis, Tanat Gris, UvaCagnelata, Cendron, Drug, Cargo Muol, Perpignan, etc.


This variety of red wine grape is a rare grape variety which mainly finds its origin in the region of Sardinia. Also, it is one ancient variety of red wine grape which is mostly grown in the northwest quarter of this island.

There it is used in the production of the red wines which are full-bodied. There is no such dedicated DOC for the wines that have been made out of Cagnulari.

However, it finds its strong associations with the area surrounding the town of Usini. Interestingly, this grape variety serves as a parent of a French wine grape called Morrastel Bouschet, which happens to be a result of the cross carried out in between Graciano as well as Bouschet Petit.


The bunches of the berries of this red wine grape are very medium as to their size and entertain high levels of sugar along with a good level of acidity. These grapes produce wines which are deep red in color.

The aromas of the wines produced out of this red wine grape are very intense and are very similar to the scent of geranium.

The percentage of alcohol entertained in these wines goes roughly up to 12 percent. These wines are very versatile as to their nature with different scents and aromas which clearly depends upon the soil that they have been cultivated in. The wines produced out of this variety of red wine grape are elegant with jam as well as red berries aromas and the notes similar to balsamic.

These wines are usually intense, dry as well as balanced on their palate. The wines produced out of this grape variety have always been sought after wines that are exported to a number of regions.

In the vineyards, the wines of Cagnulari are productive vines that do not enjoy excessive sunlight and are very much susceptible to berry-split after unseasonal rains.

The ruby color of the wines is admirable and is the result of the deeply pigmented grape skin of its grape.

Food pairing

The wines produced out of this grape variety taste their best when paired with the food items like mature pecorino cheese, roasted game bird as well as ingredients like basil, tomato as well as pepper sauce.

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