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Canari Noir grapes

by Dec 10, 20160 comments

Canari Noir is one famous variety of red wine grapes which is used in the preparation of some of the most amazing varietal wines of the world.

Canari Noir

Every wine lover must be well-acquainted with this name since the wines produced out of this grape variety are admired by almost everyone on their tables.

This variety of red wine grape hails from France and is believed to be historically grown in the Ariege department on the very foothills of the French Pyrenees.

However, when the DNA profiling of this grapevine was carried out, it resulted that the plantings of the grape called Gamay Luverdon found in the wine region of Piedmont in Italy were actually the plantings of Canari Noir.

Not only this, Canari Noir has also been found very similar to the grape variety called Batista, which is found all across the Pyrenees region in Spain. This grape variety, just like Grenache as well as Pinot Noir entertains various color mutations such as Canari Gris and Canari Blanc.

This grape variety is considered as a mid-late ripening variety which is mostly known as very vigorous as well as high yielding. The major viticulture hazard of this variety of red wine grape is its susceptibility to botrytis bunch rot.

Wine grape varieties

This variety of red wine grape is seen very rarely and not used much in the commercial wines, though it is very much admired by a majority of wine lovers.

Canari Noir is known to the world by a number of synonyms. The different synonyms of this red wine grape include the names like Batista, Balza, Blanchette rouge, Boudales, Blanquette rouge, Canari, Canariil, Bourgogne, Carcasses, Cargo nalt, Cot a Queue verte, Cotes Vertes, Cot vert du Saumurois, Cotes Vertes, Errone de Grolleau, Enfin, Folle Noir de la, Folle Noire, Oeil de chope, Ondane, Pinot Gris, Saint Helene, Pinot Girs Mendoza, Sainte-Helene, Ugne Noir, Ugne noire, Semis Rouge.

This grape variety is also known under various other names such as the Malbec grape called Cot in the Southwest France. This grapevine has also been associated with Cahors as well as Bordeaux. Canari Noir has always shared a confused relationship with a number of grape varieties.


The history of this grape variety is very long and well-maintained. This red wine grape variety is believed to have originated in the Ariege as well as Haute-Garonne departments in the very shadows of the mountains of the Pyrenees.

However, as per the recent evidence and analysis of DNA, a majority of ampelographers speculate that this variety of red wine grape was once widely grown all across the border of Spain and also in the eastward region throughout Southern France as well as across the Alps in Italy.

Unfortunately, today this variety of red wine grape has met a dead end and is nearly extinct. There are only a few scattered plantations of this red wine grape variety that are found in the conservation vineyard of Les Vignerons Ariegeois in Montegut-Plantaurel as well as Ariege where the wine growers expect to turn a variety of experimental plantings of this grape into a full-fledged commercial wine production.


The wines that are prepared out of this red wine grape variety vary greatly in terms of their taste. The taste of these wines also depends upon the region as well as the winemaking style of that particular region.

These wines are full-bodied and are very rich as to their flavor. The flavors and fragrance of these wines are as floral as a floral bouquet.

Some of these wines are very spicy if we compare them to all the wines made out of the siblings of Canari Noir. The best thing about these wines is their balance of acidity and sweetness.

The crisp and acidic nature of these wines makes them the most loved wines of all the wine-lovers and they usually crave for these wines on their table. The color of these wines is deep which certainly one of its plus points is.

Food pairing

All the wines prepared out of this variety of red wine grape taste their best when they are paired with the barbequed food, cheddar cheese, green salads and various other desserts and nuts.

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