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Caprettone grapes

by Dec 12, 20160 comments

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Caprettone is a very popular variety of white wine grape which finds its home in Italy. This grape variety is widely grown in the region of Campania of the southern Italy.

Wine with Caprettone grapes

In that particular region, this grape variety is used as a minor blending agent in the Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) wine called Lacryma Christi bianco.

This grape variety also finds its plantation and cultivation in the Rouge River Valley of southern Oregon. Caprettone grape variety was historically considered to be a clone to the Coda di Volpe, a Campanian grape.

However, the DNA analysis carried out thereafter concluded that these two grapes are not similar but two distinct grape varieties. This grape variety entertains an early to mid-ripening and is usually cultivated ad harvested in Campania from mid to late September.

The levels of acidity that this white wine grape variety beholds are moderate. This acidic level sustain by these grapes even in the warmest climates of Italy. As reported by the census in the year 2000, this grape variety was still recognized officially as a synonym/clone to the variety of Coda di Volpe.

This grape variety then covered an area of 1,027 hectares. Presently, the approximate number of plantings of this grape variety is still not figured out by the experts.

According to a majority of ampelographers, this white wine grape variety is majorly isolated by the province of Napoli. In that particular region, around 15 villages throughout Mount Vesuvius entertain a very long history of the production and cultivation of this grape variety.

Wine grape varieties

Also, under the regulation of DOC, this white wine grape variety cannot be made into varietal wines, but is only permitted as a minor blending agent in all kinds of white wines, especially that of Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Bianco.

This grape variety, on the contrary is used as a varietal wine in the Rouge Valley region of Oregon in the United States where the wine is prepared out of the local vines of Caprettone grapes.

Since, this white wine grape variety shares a close relationship with Coda di Volpe, the synonym of this grape includes the same name.


A majority of ampelographers has a belief that the name of this grape variety has been derived out of the Italian word called capra which means goat.

A photo posted by èCampania (@ecampania.it) on

This grape could be a reference to the historical role of the shepherds who contributed growing and planting this grape in the region of Southern Italy.

This grape could also be a reference to the characteristic shape of the clusters of the grape which resemble the goat’s beard a lot.

For a number of years, this grape variety was assumed to be a synonym/clone to Coda di Volpe. However, the DNA profiling carried out in the early 21st century concluded that these two grapes, although entertaining similar features, are distinct varieties of white wine grapes.

Instead of matching it with Coda di Volpe, this white wine grape variety should rather be matched with Puedirosso, a red Campanian wine grape as well as Ginestra, the white variety wine grape since these three different grape varieties entertain similar levels of features.

Also, this grape variety was often compared to be similar with the Uva Rosa as well as Catalanesa. However, the DNA analysis carried out in the year 2005 showed that no close relationship is shared in between these grapes as well as Caprettone.

Wines with Caprettone grapes


This white wine grape variety is mostly used as a blending component in a number of wines. At the same time, Caprettone is also consumed as a varietal wine which is preferred by a number of locals of the region where it is produced into a varietal wine.

The level of acidity that this grape variety entertains is moderate. The popular wines that are prepared out of Caprettone, either blended or varietal include the wines of Syrah, Chadonnay, Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and many more.

When used as a blending component in the wines, this white wine grape variety moderates the level of acidity in these wines and turns them into decent wines on the table.

Food pairing

This variety of white wine grape is served at its best with the food items like a green salad, cheddar cheese, white sauce pasta, etc.

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