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Catarratto grapes

by | Oct 1, 2016

All the wine-lovers must have one thing in common – their love for the tasteful Catarratto wine. Catarratto wine is made from the white Italian wine grapes called Catarratto.


These white grapes are majorly and abundantly found in the region of Sicily, Italy. The Catarratto grape is the most planted wine grape in that region. The production of the wine by the way of this grape has been done for a long time now.

Over the time, Catarratto has become one important contributor as to the wine lake problem of Europe. The wines made out of Catarratto taste a little tangy and entertain a flavor of lemon. This grape is also blended with Minella Bianca in the Etna DOC.

Carricante Catarratto is a variety of grape which comes straight from the island of Sicily, which is located in the southern coast of Italy.

Catarratto can be refined into a number of flavored wines that are admired by almost all the wine lovers. Thus, this white grape is majorly used in the production of a variety of light as well as easy-drinking white wines that can be sipped with a number of meals.

Although, Catarratto is mostly grown in the region of Sicily, yet this grape variety is considered as one of the most planted grape variety in the entire region of Italy.

On an estimate, around 60 percent of the total vineyard area of Catarratto is covered with the plantation of Catarratto.

Talking more about the Catarratto white grape, this variety is widely taken into use as a blending component of a lower quality. This white grape is also an important ingredient of all kinds of Marsala wines and grape concentrate.

Wine grape varieties

Catarratto is mainly permitted in the Etna DOC as well as the Alcamo wines. This grape is also used in all the IGT wines where the regulations of less-stringent winemaking let all the winemakers coax more from this grape.

Catarratto is also blended with various other varieties such as Chardonnay, Inzolia as well as Grillo. However, this grape rarely shows up as one varietal wine.

This white grape is also known by many other names such as Catarratto Bianco Comube, Catarratto Bianco Extra Lucido, Catarratto Bianco as well as Catarratto Bianco Lucido.


The Catarratto white grape finds its origin in Italy.

To be more specific, the notable region where this grape is planted and grown in Sicily.

According to a study published in the year 2008, Catarratto finds a very close relationship with Garganega on one hand as well as various other grape varieties on the very other hand.

Thus, it can be said that Garganega may be one of the parents of this white grape. At the same time, the parents of Garganega have not been recognized as of now.

Therefore, the specific and the most accurate nature of relationship in between these grapes cannot be established.

The same study suggests that Catarratto could probably be the descendent of the key white-wine grape variety Garganega, which is found in the north-eastern Soave wines of Italy.


Catarratto is one high-yielding variety of white grape which is also very low in acidity. The latter characteristic of this grape makes it one top quality of grape.

This grape tastes very neutral as to the flavor, though a majority of people consider the flavor of this white grape is very much similar to lemon.

This is the reason why this variety of grape is majorly used in order to produce the wines with juicy texture as well as crisp lemon flavor.

Talking about the aroma of this grape, this variety of grape is very aromatic in nature and the fragrance reminds you of the tropical fruits like green apple and pineapple.

The wine is very hard to drink because of its cidery properties and notes.

Food pairing

Catarratto can be flavored with a number of foods as a result of its amazing characteristics. This wine is mostly paired with all kinds of sea food since it helps to enhance the flavor of all kinds of sea food.

Catarratto wine is also flavored well with green vegetables and the whole meal along with this wine tastes very exotic. Apart from it, Catarratto taste very well with rice.

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Michael Bredahl

Michael Bredahl

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