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Cayetana grapes

by Oct 3, 20160 comments

Cayetana is a very famous variety of a white Spanish wine grape mostly grown and found in the south.


Cayetana can be found particularly in the regions of Denominacion de Origen of Montilla-Moriles as well as in the areas of Extremadura.

The Jerez region of Spain carries out the distillation of this grape into the production of brandy and for various other uses.

The Cayetana white grape survives at its best during the weather of mild summer particularly when the difference between the temperatures of day and night is sufficiently differed.

This wine grape demands a long period as to its maturation. In the region of Extremadura, the production of this wine grape was carried out in the year 2008.

The wines produced out of Cayetana are very rich as to their flavor and are certainly worth a taste if you are one hardcore wine-lover.

The wine experts recommend this wine to be drunk in its very young state. This is because this wine shows all its features at the best when drunk in a young face.

The wine produced out of Cayetana is certainly a product of high quality which is definitely worth the investment you put in.

Wine grape varieties

The Cayetana wine grape has a number of names and is referred with one name or the other in different places.

In the region of Andalucia, this white wine grape is known by Jaen Blanco- its synonym. In the region of Extremadura, Cayetana is distilled into a brandy.

This is later vinified into a fine wine. There are a number of synonyms of Cayetana. This white wine grape is thus known by numerous names such as Amor blanco, Avesso du Minho, Aujubi, Baladi, Belledy, Baladi-Verdejo, Blaco Jaen, Blanca Cayetana, Calagrano, Cagazal, Jean Dore, Pardina, Parda, Virules, Verdeja, Tierra de Barros, Jean de Letur, Jean de Castilla, Padero, Neruca, Robal and many more. The names of this white wine grape particularly differ from one region to another.


The Cayetana wine grape is said to have originated from Spain. The notable region where this variety of grape is believed to be originated in abundance is Jerez.

One interesting fact about this white wine grape is that it is considered as one of the parents of a variety of grape known as Jaen Tinto.

This variety of grape has been originated in the country of Spain and marks its production back in the 18th century. Today, only a few grapes are left in its production.

The description of this variety of wine grape can also be found in the ancient Spanish books which date back from the year 1765.


The Cayetana grape is comprised with a number of rich characteristics which make this wine grape as one of the most amazing varieties of wine grapes.

This grape entertains a neutral taste and is very low as to its acidity. This grape of the Spanish heritage is particularly used in the preparation and production of white wine along with some brandy products.

Also, the Cayetana grape shows the best of its properties when it is taken into use for the preparation of the wines which give a flavor of apples and bananas and the color of strawberries.

To add more to the characteristics of this wine grape, it is featured with very tiny leaves and it comes in very small bunches which are compact at the same time.

The Cayetana grape entertains a long cycle of maturation before getting prepared to be plucked completely. When this grape is tuned into a wine, the color of this grape turns into strawberry with various tones of slight green.

The aroma of this wine grape is intense and soothing at the same time. The scent of this wine grape is very much familiar to that of pear.

However, the cheesy twist into it makes it a little musty. The taste of the wine produced out of this grape is also very similar to that of green melon, ripe apples as well as citrus shade of lemon. Overall, the wine produced out of this grape is extremely satisfying.

Food pairing

The wines produced out of Cayetana wine grapes taste at its delicious best when they are sipped with garlic soup accompanied by some chilled almonds.

In various areas of Asia, these wines taste at their best when taken along with Pad Thai Noodles.

Wines with Cayetana grapes

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