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Charbono grapes

by Dec 15, 20160 comments

Charbono is a red wine producing grape variety grown popularly in Napa Valley in Eastern France and in parts of Argentina where it is known as Bonarda.


It is the most important grape in Argentina. A large number of wine makers’ use of this grape variety for blending and production of wines.

The buds of the grape ripen late, which prevents it from spring frost. This grape variety is among those varieties which have successfully made a place in the market.

A number of experiments are being done on the grape to enhance its taste and make the best use in blending. Other than blends Charbono grape also produces some varietals.

Wine grape varieties

They are not as famous as the blends, but they sure hold a place in the wine shops. The acidic content of the wines made from the Charbono grape is high which further increases the number of people demanding for the blends from this grape variety.

The alcohol content is not very high, which is yet another reason for people to be in favour of tasting the grape. The production of the grape has dropped in the past few years due to the upcoming grape varieties.

Though the new varieties have an advantage over these old vines, we must not forget about keeping our heritage vines so as to cherish them in the future. They age well and so they kept for many years to bring newly developed tastes.

Origin of Charbono

Charbono grape was first mentioned 3000 years ago in Padana Region.

It is believed that Charbono grape was brought to Napa Valley by the European settlers, but why and how did this happen if it has not been confirmed.

It is also believed to be brought by the Italians under guise of Barbera. But in the 1940’s, it was discovered by researchers that Charbono grape was altogether different from Barbera.

The grape has now emerged as the most important variety, but it is losing ground very rapidly because of other fashionable grape varieties and as a result now there is just 100 acres of land producing Charbono grape variety.

The grape needs to maintain its use and production as very few grape varieties get a chance to be known in the international market. The grape has reached to some parts to USA which makes it among the most important grapes of the region.

Features of Charbono

Charbono vines are very old. Some of them are more than 70 years old. The old vines yield about 2.5-3 tons/acre, while the new wines yield 6-8 tons/acre. The buds of Charbono grape variety have a very thick skin and a very high level of phenolic content.

Charbono is the last variety to be harvested in the vines. It needs a lot of time to ripen to its full extent. Even after giving so much of time to ripen, the wines made from a Charbono grape variety are known to have a very high acidic level.

Charbono wines ages well and aging will also provide the wine with some special flavours. They can be aged for as long as 10-20 years and the wine develop tar and leather notes on aging. The wines are deep inky purple in colour. They usually have plum and black fruit aroma.

Food pairing

The wines made from this grape variety grape have a high acidity making it easy to be paired with almost all food items. You can enjoy the flavour of the wine with roasted cheese with thyme-infused stuffing.

It can also be enjoyed with sheep’s milk cheese and potato chips. Salted dishes and sushi are among the dishes which can be enjoyed with Charbono grape wine. Roasted vegetables with haloumi cheese are often taken with this wine.

Spaghetti can be taken with this wine. It is also possible to consume the wine without taking in any other food item. The alcohol content is also not so high that you will need to neutralise it.

You can order Charbono grape wines from all over the world. The wine is renowned and you will find no trouble in its availability as the production of grape is on a huge scale and the wine makers are eager to use the grapes to make amazingly aromatic and delightful to taste wines!

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