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Chasan grapes

by | Nov 17, 2016

Chasan is a famous variety of white wine grape which hails from France. This grape variety is mostly grown and cultivated in the Languedoc wine region of France.


In accordance of Vitis International Variety Catalogue, Chasan is the result of crossing done between Pinot and Listan. Thus, this grapevine entertains some of the characteristics or Pinot as well as some of them of Listan.

On the contrary, according to some wine experts and researchers, Chasan is the result of a cross done between Chardonnay and Listan.

Thus, even if the opinions and researches vary, the fact that Chasan is a cross between two different varieties of grapes remains undisputed.

The credits of creating this variety of white wine grape goes to Paul Truel who created this wine grape in the year 1958 at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique.

This variety of grape is a highly recommended planting in every important wine region of France but for Alsace. This grape variety is only planted on a restricted/small scale in the region of Languedoc where it is generally found in the experimental blends of Vin de Pays. Chasan, like Chardonnay is considered as a variety of grapevine that buds early because of which it could be at the risk for springtime frost.

Wine grape varieties

However, just like the Pinot family, this variety of white wine grape ripens a little later than its regular process of ripening and does not develop the complexities or sugar in order to make a varietal wine that is similar to either Pinot family of the grapes of Chardonnay.

This variety of wine grape takes a little time to bud. However, whenever it comes to maturing of this grape, it takes its own sweet time.

This grape is very much resistant to the rains during the autumn season as well as to spring frosts as well.

Chasan is grown in various small departments in the southern France, specifically in the regions of Vin de Pays. This grape variety is usually blended with the Ugni Blanc apart from Chardonnay.

Chasan is also known under the breeding code EM 1527-78.


Chasan is not an original grape variety, but is a cross between Chardonnay as well as Listan (Palomino).

The crossing of this popular French white wine grape variety was done in the year 1958 by a famous French ampelographer, Paul Truel.

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Paul performed this crossing in between Listan and Chardonnay at the domaine de Vassal by the France’s University of Montpellier.

The name Chasan to this variety of grape was given after its very own parent grape (Chardonnay + Listan = Chasan).


As already stated, Chasan takes a very little time to bud, but a longer time to get ripened. This feature makes it very susceptible to autumnal rain as well as spring frosts.

This grape variety is very competent to produce wines with some tempting aromas, sugar potential as well as low acidity. The aromas of Chasan have a wide range once they are turned into wines. These wines are light bodied and possess a lower level of acidity than its parent, Chardonnay.

Chasan is very much prone to fungi and various other grape diseases like phomopsis as well as powdery mildew. Apart from this, Chasan also entertains a very low sensitivity to botrytis.

This variety of white wine grape requires a good deal of trellising at the time of its planting, cultivation and process of growing and maturing.

The level of production of this grapevine ranges from average to high which makes this variety a highly impressive in comparison with another variety of grape.

The body of the wines produced out of this wine is ripe and they come in various ripened flavors. Also, the wines produced out of Chasan come along with a hint of minerals, the fragrances of citrus, lime and grapefruit as well as white flowers. Chasan produces a number of w0ines that are fresh as well as lively.

This wine can be drunk young at any occasion. All these characteristics together make the wines produced out of Chasin as one of the most admired wines of the world.

Food Pairing

All the wines produced out of Chasan taste the best when they are paired with the foods like raw vegetable salad, smoked mackerel pie, cold starter as well as apple and walnut salad.

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