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Wine with Chinuri grapes

by | Jun 16, 2017

Georgia is one of the most aged wine regions in the world. The beautiful slopes and green valleys of Transcaucasia is the home to grapevine cultivation.

With its agricultural and organic characteristics, this belongs to Kartli’s vine group, which has the best places assorting white grapevine varieties in the most standard way.

Chinuri is a white, high acidity Georgian grape variety normally used for both still and sparkling wines by blending with Goruli Mtsvane and Aligote.

Chinuri is also known for the names Kaspuri and Kaspuri White, which are also included and present in the viticulture literature.

Wine grape varieties

Chinuri is derived from the word chinebuli, which means excellent in the Georgian language. Its name reveals its primitiveness as well as the colors of berries it bears.

When the berries are fully ripened, they turn into greenish-yellow color that in the old Georgian language is known as “chini”.

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Chinuri grape variety originated in Kartili and cultivated mainly in Kartli’s subregions such as Mukhrani, Ateni and Kaspi.

This grape variety functions well in the production of still and sparkling wines. It is believed that Chinuri was created through natural reproduction.


Chinuri is one of the prominent white grapevine varieties, which is used in the production of table wines.

This grape variety is a three-lobed leaf with a cylindrical bunches frequently with a very large wing and the vines are resistant to fungal diseases specifically powdery mildew and chlorosis.

Chinuri is less prone to experiencing frost compared to other different indigenous varieties and grows well in diverse soils and locations.

This grapevine is also known to be vigorous, productive, high yielding yet late budding and ripening.

Its maturation happens in October and the skin detaches from its juicy flesh easily.

Characteristics of Wines from Chinuri

Wines made from Chinuri grape variety have light to dark brown color, typical fruity aromas; which make them harmonious and distinguishable.

The complex and herbal flavors as well as cheerful tannins and low acidity contribute to the Chinuri wines’ potential to sell in the wine industry.

Food Pairings

Pairing wine with food is an essential matter that people should pay attention to especially in Georgia, a famous country of wines.

Chinuri wines are best served as an aperitif and recommended to be paired with green salads, boiled white meats as well as different fish dishes.

It is a must that a good wine and a great dish are paired well for wine drinkers to be happier and beneficial.

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Michael Bredahl

Michael Bredahl

Wine Writer

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