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Clare Riesling grapes

by Dec 19, 20160 comments

Clare Riesling is a white wine producing grape variety grown in the Clare Valley region in Australia.

Clare Riesling

It is one of the oldest wine regions. Top wine critics list Riesling as the world’s finest white wine. But to some of the people it was nothing but a low quality wine which was exported from Germany towards the end of the 20th century.

Though the grape is famous in the region, it is still absent from the core regions of Italy, Spain and France, which are the homes to the best wines of the world.

Another stereotype says that Clare Riesling is a sweet wine producing grape variety used to make sticky wines only though the majority of the wines made from Clare Riesling are dry or off-dry.

Riesling does not have a large number of fans, but the ones who fall in the category are loyal to it and are not mislead by the latest wine fashions. It can be known by some other names in other regions.

Wine grape varieties

These include Weisser Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Crouchen and many more. Clare Riesling grows in about 3% of vineyards in South Africa. The grape has a natural acidity which is the reason for a number of people being attracted to it.

Though most of the wines made from Clare Riesling grape variety do not age very well, they are cherished young as on aging the aroma fades away which is the main attraction of the wine.

Some false tastes may also be developed if the wine is subjected to too much oak fermentation or aging.

Origin of Clare Riesling

After receiving many comments on Clare Riesling grape wines being a low-quality exported wines from Germany in 1990s, it was experimented to reveal the truth that the low quality wine being exported was not all Riesling.

Only a little part which was used in blends. Riesling was scapegoat due to Silvaner and Muller-Thurgau grape varieties. But the lost reputation could not be regained.

This might be one of the reasons why Clare Riesling was not able to flourish all over the world on a large scale. The grape came from France to Australia in 1850. Other precise details about the origin of the grape are not yet confirmed.

Features of Clare Riesling

After many ups and down, Clare Riesling grape wines emerged as a new style of wine. It has a citrus scented, crisp acidity.

They give out aromas of honeysuckle and toast. The plantation of the grape in France was unsuccessful as the grape was susceptible to downy mildew and other fungal diseases.

Wine expert Jancis Robinson said that some varieties of wine made from Clare Riesling grape have a low aging potential and are to be consumed young.

The main attraction of Clare Riesling grape is its aroma. Most of the wine makers use the grape to add amazing aroma to the blends they make.

The grape has a unique taste and aroma and so it must at least be tried. Sweet, dry or off-dry all the varieties taste equally supreme.

Food Pairing

Dry wines blended with Clare Riesling wine grapes can be served with salads or with exotic dishes such as sushi. It can also go well with savoury tarts.

If the wines are sweet, it may be served with blue cheese or with nut-based desserts. It also tastes well with apricot tart. It suits the best with lime pie.

They can also be enjoyed with Korean dishes like, Korean pancakes. This wine is complementary with all of the Greek cuisines. This wine is best taken with anything briny or salty.

That green curry will enhance the flavour of the wine. Cauliflower puree with olives, raisins and capers enhances its taste greatly. Sushi is another food item which goes with this wine variety. Salted peanuts and olive salad can also be served.

If you visit Clare valley region in Australia, you must try wines made from this variety of grapes. There had been a gradual increase in the use and there needs to more!

The wines made from the grape are said to be among the best white wines for a reason and the only way you can find out that reason is by tasting it yourself.

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