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Cococciola grapes

by | Dec 20, 2016

Cococciola is a white wine producing grape variety found in the east coast of southern Italy (northern Puglia and Abruzzo).


Very few grape varieties were able to increase their production in the late 20th century and Cococciola grape was one of those.

It is known by many different names in various areas like Cacciuolo, Cociumella, Cacciola and many more.

After plucking the buds of the grape, they are crushed and it undergoes cold maceration. The crushing procedure is very soft so as to prevent the damage to the berries.

Wine grape varieties

Fermentation of the crushed grapes takes place in steel containers at controlled temperature to bring out the best flavours. The wine is kept in bottle for two months before they are sent to the market for sailing purposes.

The wines made from Cococciola grapes have a fairly high acidity which attracts a number of wine tasters. Also the wine makes sure that the taste does not turn very acidic which is among the best qualities of the Cococciola grape.

There are not many grape which produce good quality of white wines and so this grape should not be missed.

Origin of Cococciola

Cococciola grape was earlier used in making blends of wines but now most of the grape is used in making varietals.

When it was used in making blends of wines, the name was not usually displayed on the labels of the wine which is why the grape could not become very popular.

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It was used mostly in Trebbiano wine. The origin of the grape is not yet known but many theories say that Cococciola grape has been native to Rocca San Giovanni.

It is a small town located in Chieti province of Abruzzo. About 2475 acres of land was planted with Cococciola grape variety by the end of the 20th century.

Theories made on the origin of the grape are yet to be confirmed and are being studied to make the wine tasters aware of the exact origin of the grape they like when it comes to white wines.

Features of Cococciola

Cococciola grape is green skinned and makes straw-coloured wines. They have a good level of acidity.

In the glass the wine was a pale silver coloured with touch of lemon.

It gave aromas of green apple, white flowers, apricots and lemons.

DNA tests have been done on the grape and have been identified as a unique grape variety. Experiments on the grape are now being done to enhance the taste of varietals made from the grape.

Scientists also want to make used of the grape to make many new varieties which will give the same taste and flavours but will show a higher resistance in the fields.

The grape has not reached to parts outside Italy and so many discussions about the wine have not been done. If one gets a chance to visit this part of France, trying white wine made from Cococciola grape is a must.

White wines are losing market and it is very important to maintain it with all the efforts we can make! The grape is not genetically similarity to any other grape variety.

Food Pairing

The wines made from this grape variety grape have a high acidity making it easy to be paired with almost all food items. You can enjoy the flavour of the wine with roasted cheese with thyme-infused stuffing.

It can also be enjoyed with sheep’s milk cheese and potato chips. Salted dishes and sushi are among the dishes which can be enjoyed with Cococciola grape wine.

Potato pancakes are often taken with this wine. Spaghetti can be taken with this wine. It is also possible to consume the wine without in taking any other food item. The flavours are not so high that you will need to neutralise it.

The grape has been in the records of grapes since many years and is still being planted in a number of areas in Italy proving that the grape has its own role in the art of wine making.

The quality of dry wines made from this grape is very high and should therefore be at least tasted once in a lifetime. The wine is rarely available on the internet to be order if you do see chances of visiting the area.

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