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Cornalin Rouge du Pays grapes

by | Oct 5, 2016

Also known as Rouge du Pays and Cornalin du Valais, Cornalin is one variety of red wine grape which produces different flavors of red wines.

Cornalin Rouge du Pays

This red wine grape is majorly grown in the area of Valais in Switzerland. In its native place, this red wine grape is only known by the name of Cornalin.

The area where the plantation of this variety of wine grape is done stretches up to 116 hectares or 290 acres of land. The wine produced as a result of the Cornalin grape wine is very deep in color. This wine typically demands aging to get into its real taste.

The wine produced out of this grape is considered as the specialty of Valais and is consumed in large numbers here by the locals as well as the visitors.

The Cornalin wine grape requires a fair warm climate as to its cultivation. The Viticulutral Research Institute located at Changins has taken the charge of coining out the yielding process of this red wine grape.

Wine grape varieties

According to the DNA profiling carried out at UC Davis, Cornalin is a variety of red wine grape that has been obtained as a result of crossing of Mayolet and Rouge.

Both Mayolet and Rouge are nothing but the varieties of the Aosta Valley, located in the northwest Italy, very near to Valais, Switzerland. The offspring established out of Cornalin or Rouge du Pays is Cornalind’Aoste.

Cornalin was once referred as a dominant red grape variety in the region of Valais. This red wine grape is a capricious grape which changes in between the light and heavy yields.

Thus, in order to obtain the most appropriate and matured form of this grape, a lot of hard work in the vineyard is required. Cornalin had slowly diminished from its very existence, but soon it was revived by the locals there and this is how the name Rouge du Pays was renamed as Cornalin.

It is believed that the original Cornalin had a life and was in a good shape in Valais under the name of Humagne Rouge. However, it remained oblivious till the time DNA testing was performed on this variety.

This variety of red wine grape is known by a number of names such as Alter Walliser, Cornalin du Valais, BlauerSavoyertraube, Landroter, Rouge du Valais, Petit Rouge du Valais, WalliserLandroter as well as the Vieux Rouge du Valais.

Origin of Cornalin Rouge du Pays

As already stated, Cornalin was traditionally known to the world as Rouge du Pays. This variety of red wine grape was renamed in the year 1972.

The name of this grape was borrowed from a variety of Valle d’Aosta. The origin of this red wine grape took place in the region of Valais in Switzerland.

The DNA testing of this grape revealed the fact that this variety of grape is a result of the cross between Mayolet and Petit Rouge.

This new variety of grape was then introduced into the region of Valais through the Great St. Bernard Pass.

However, the same came to a disappearance. Just when this variety of red wine grape began to come to extinction, it was saved by a few wine enthusiasts in the late 1970s.

Since then, the production of this variety of grape has been going on in a full swing. Today, this grape has become a symbolic red wine grape of the region of Valais.

Characteristics of Cornalin Rouge du Pays

This variety of grape becomes very difficult to handle in the vineyards when it is yielded in variable yields. Cornalin is a traditional variety of Swiss red grape which possesses a number of good wine properties.

The wines produced out of this variety of red wine grape are very colourful, fruity as well as juicy in nature. The fruitiness of Cornalin is very similar to that of Gamay and Marlot.

This fruit entertains a low level of acidity which is certainly a plus point. The pleasant bitterness and rusticity in the wines produced out of this variety of grape is worth tasting.

The color of the wine produced by this grape is crimson tinted purple color. The typical flavors include the tastes of raspberries and cherries. This variety of grape takes a long time of about 4 to 5 years to mature.

Food pairing with Cornalin Rouge du Pays

Cornalin tastes very rich when tasted with the foods like cheese, game and venison.

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