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Cygne Blanc grapes

by Dec 21, 20160 comments

Cygne Blanc is a white producing grape variety grown in Australia. It is regarded as the first truly Australian grape variety.

Cygne Blanc

It is a seedling of the renowned grape Cabernet Sauvignon in the Western Australia. It was secretly cultivated until its use in making sparkling wine and still wines was famous all over.

The acidity of the wine is high and so the taste of sparkling wines is enhanced. The grape is full of aromas. It is a mixture of tastes of a number of grapes and the same goes for the aroma.

Wine grape varieties

Usually grapes are crossed to create new varieties, but this grape variety was one of its kinds which grew as an accident and flourished all over the region. It can now be found in eastern as well as northern Australia.

The grape is yet to reach the vineyards of areas other than Australia. Plucking of buds is usually done in the late season to bring out the acidity in the buds which is important to make sparkling wines.

Origin of Cygne Blanc

Cygne Blanc was first discovered in 1989 in the Swan Valley when a seed of Cabernet Sauvignon berry fell on the ground and started growing.

It is nowhere similar to Cabernet Blanc, which is a crossing of Resistenz partner and Cabernet Sauvignon, or Shalistin, a colour mutation of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The name Cygne Blanc means white swan in French. It was not a vine cutting clone, but a seedling which was accidentally dropped in the garden of Dorham Mann.

The garden was next to their vineyard, which cultivated Sauvignon which gave the possibilities of the seed being spread by either birds or from the rotten berries.

This stray vine has leaves similar to Sauvignon and produced white berries and so Darham Mann propagated the grape secretly and within 8 years he had about 2 hectares of land growing Cygne Blanc grape variety.

Not many grapes have the exact details of their origin, but Cygne Blanc was discovered in such circumstances that it was the main attraction for the initial few years its existence was exposed.

Features of Cygne Blanc

The Cygne Blanc grape makes either still wines or sparkling wines. They do not have any overt characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon, but they do show some leafy, herbal characters.

It also shows some characters of white Hermitage, a grape from Rhône valley. They give out aromas which are similar to Semillon, while the flavours match with Roussanne and Marsanne.

They have a plenty of perfume and are honeyed and rich. The acidity of the wines made is fairly high maintaining the feature of sparkling wines. Not all grape varieties can be used in the making of sparkling wines as their acidity might not match up to the requirements of sparkling wines.

The buds ripen in late season and are to be plucked very carefully as even a little quantity of rotten or over ripened buds can ruin the taste of the wine. They are again checked once they reached the vinery and are thereafter sent for processing of the wine.

Food Pairing

The acidity of wines made from Cygne Blanc grape wines is fairly high and so it can be enjoyed with a number of dishes. Most popularly is can be taken with fried zucchini flowers.

The taste of this dish complements the taste of the wine largely. Thai yellow curry is another which can be taken with still or sparkling wine made from Cygne Blanc grape. It can also be taken with salted potato chips. Popcorns and deep fried dishes will also enhance the taste of the wine.

Avocado salad and lemon shortcakes are among those dishes which cannot be taken with any wine, but Cygne Blanc grape wines have the potential to match up to the taste of these dishes. You can enjoy it with French onion soup too.

The grape has a very special aroma which is given to wines and should therefore be used in the making of many more wines. It is not famous for its taste, but for how it came into existence.

It must be complimented and tried by anyone who gets a chance to visit Australia and is fond of tasting sparkling wines!

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