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Debina grapes

by | Oct 6, 2016

Debina is considered to be one of the most preferred wine grapes for the preparation of wine.


The unique nature of this grape itself makes it one of the most admired wine grapes among the cultivators and wine lovers. Debina is a variety of white Greek wine grape that is primarily found in the Zitsa region of Epirus, Greece.

The feature of the high acidity of the grape itself lends this grape into a sparkling production of some of the tastiest wines of the world.

This variety of grape is a white cultivator, which is very much associated with the mountainous regions of Zitsa in the northwestern region of Greece.

The wines produced by debina are mostly varietal in nature and therefore debina is greatly admired by the people who look forward to experimenting with their tastes of wine.

Wine grape varieties

Debina is not a common variety of grape. In fact, this grape is one of the least known varieties which are used in the production of dry and white wines that have sparkling or semi-sparkling nature.

Zitsa is the hub of the production of Debina and since Debina is receiving a lot of admiration of the drinkers, this region is slowly gaining recognition in the international market.

This grape is highly vulnerable to the process of oxidation. As a result of contemporary vinification, transport as well as bottling methods, the wines produced from this variety of grape is now able to reach to all the wine lovers around the world.

The freshness of Debina is maintained all through its process of import and export. The wines produced out of Debina are tasted at their best when they are maintained carefully and chilled before they are served.

If Debina is served in accordance with the requirements stated, it will certainly enthrall the wine lover in all its forms.

Debina is one unexplored variety of wine which, when tasted would be considered as one of the best wines in the opinion of all the wine lovers.

Debina is also known as many other names such as Dempina, Zitsa as well as Ntempina. The scientific name of Debina is Vitisvinifera Debina.


Debina is a variety of white wine grapes which finds its roots and origin in the Zitsa region of Greece. A few hundred years ago, this variety was considered as one basic indigenous variety using which the winemakers of that area prepared various sparkling as well as semi sparkling wines of Zitsa.

The origins of Debina are situated in the beautiful location of Zitsa of Ioannina. The vineyards here are grown on the hilltops of six different villages in the very popular wine region of Zitsa.

This region entertains a cold climate that endows and maintains the unique and fresh character of Debina. The vineyards of this region are so fresh that the people who taste this wine get the impression that they have consumed a freshly-picked tasteful Granny Smith apple.

Both the sparkling and semi-sparkling wines prepared out of Debina possess similar geographical indications.

Debina is also the most suitable pick as to the production of youthful, elegant as well as a dry variety of wines.

A little production of Debina is also carried out in the neighboring regions of Albania. Here, this wine is exported rarely and is consumed domestically by the locals.


Debina is a variety of white wine grape which is considered as very rich, unique and admirable in nature. A number of characteristics of this grape make it as one of the most unique varieties of grape which is admired by people at large.

This variety of white wine grape possesses naturally high levels of acidity. This feature of the grape makes it the best pick for the production of sparkling wine.

The unique nature of this wine is as a result of its elegant aromas of different fruits like apple, peach and pear.

These aromas are fruity and classy and can easily tempt any hardcore wine lover to taste it and to later relish it.

The level of sweetness resulting out of the wine produced by Debina is dry. The color of the wine produced using this variety of wine is white wine.

Food pairing

Debina is one exclusive variety of wine which is very tasteful in nature. Thus, whenever it comes to flavoring this wine tastes its best when consumed with the foods like spinach and cheese turnover known as Spanakopita as well as Greek-style custard pie known as Galaktoboureko.


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