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Dimiat grapes

by | Dec 21, 2016

Dimiat is a white wine producing grape variety popularly grown along the coast of the black sea in Bulgaria.


It is the second most widely planted grape in the region. The grape usually makes off-dry or sweet wines. The wines made from it are known to have a very pleasant aroma.

The wines are either off-dry or very sweet. Apart from these types Dimiat grape also makes brandy. The brandy made from the wine is considered to be a high class brandy.

Dessert wines are also popular. The variety is widely planted all over the region and is therefore used to the fullest. The aging potential of the wines is not very high.

The grape is famous in the Bulgaria region, but has not reached too many areas other than Bulgaria. It is now grown is some of the nearby areas. There are a number of conflicts about the origin of the grape.

Wine grape varieties

The plucking of the grape is done very carefully as the yield of grape is high and there are chances of finding some rotten or undernourished berries which will spoil the taste of the wine.

The berries after being plucked are pressed gently and the juice gathered is processed to find out the type of wine which can be made from it.

If the juice is not up to the level of winemakers, it is discarded and another set of grapes undergoes the same process until the desired quality of the juice is obtained.

Origin of Dimiat

There is no solid evidence pointing out to the fact that Dimiat is indigenous to Bulgaria. Though it is almost exclusively grown in Bulgaria, there are some people who believe that the name Dimiat was given to the grape after the name of a town in Nile Delta.

Thereafter, in the middle ages the grape was brought back by Crusaders to Europe. Also, there are some theories and DNA tests which have brought about the fact that Dimiat grape is a crossing between Gouais Blanc and some other unidentified grape.

In 2005 about 23,720 acres of land in Bulgaria were planted with Dimiat grape. The grape has managed to reach a little farther than Bulgaria in Thraki, a neighbouring Greek wine region. The grape is known by the name Zoumiatiko in this region.

Features of Dimiat

The buds of Dimiat grape are yellow copper coloured. They are large in size and are not so compact. They yield of the grape goes very high if a proper check is not kept on the growth of the grape.

The grape makes wines which are a little sweet (off-dry) and also makes wines which are very sweet. It is sometimes used to make some dessert wines too.

The wines do not have a good aging potential and so they are advised to be consumed young and if they are served chilled, the taste gets even better.

Apart from being used in the making of table wines, Dimiat grape makes some brandy too! The wines have a very perfumed aroma which is the main attraction of the Dimiat grape wines. White wines are very less cherished in this region, but the ones made from Dimiat grape are demanded all over.

Food Pairing

Dry and off-dry wines made from Dimiat wine grapes can be served with salads or with exotic dishes such as sushi. It can also go well with savoury tarts.

Zucchini fritters are said to taste well with the grapes. If the wines are sweet, it may be served with blue cheese or with nut-based desserts.

It also tastes well with apricot tart. It suits the best with lime pie. You may also consume it with baklava. It is said to compliment the taste of sweet wines very well.

Other sweet dishes which have a prominent flavour can be enjoyed with this white wine variety. If you want to enjoy the taste of the wine alone, you may do so as the wine does not have such flavours which need to be neutralised with some food items.

If you visit Bulgaria, you must try wines made from this variety of grapes. There had been a gradual increase in the use and there needs to more!

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