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Dobricic grape

by | Dec 23, 2016

Dobricic was a quite popular grape variety which is used in making red wine. Dobricic is a dark- skinned grape. It is native to Croatia.


It was widely cultivated in the coastal regions as well as in the nearby islands of Croatia. It was quite popular in Croatia as well as in the other parts of the world.

The red wine produced by this grape variety is rich and amazing. This grape is the parent grape to a popular variety, Plavac Mali along with the other variety, Zinfandel.

Wine grape varieties

Due to the rich colour, the wine was much loved and also added to other wines. The wines with poor quality were improved by adding Dobricic to them.

It improves the colour as well as texture of the wines. This grape variety is known by many other names like Slatinski, Plavac Soltanski, Okrucanac, et al.

This Croatian wine grape variety is not only popular in Croatia but, in many other parts too. Though the cultivation is declined but, efforts are made to bring it back again.


Tracing the history of Dobricic, it dates back to 1242. On the 18th of March 1242, Bela IV, the Hungarian emperor reached Trogir while running from the Mongol hordes. Like all other Hungarian rulers, Bela IV was also very fond of nice wines.

It is said that, Dobricic was served to him. He instantly became a big fan of the place and hospitality and then, while leaving, he gifted the locals of the town of Trogir, lands as well as vineyards. This land also became the reason of war between Trogir and Split.

During the 19th century, when the French vineyards were seeing a collapse, Dobricic witnessed an expansion and a lot of popularity. It became an instant favourite among the people there.

It was then cultured on the other islands and was known by different names like Cihovac, Okrucanac and Sultanac in Hvar, as Crljenak Slatinski and Siljak in Trogir and Kastela and Plavac Soltanski, Slatinjanac and Plavac Veliki in Brac.

This wine grape variety was planted across Solta before World War 2. About thousands of tons of wine were produced back then. Then suddenly, the culture saw a downfall after the World War II and from 1000 the production dropped down to 30 tons in 1987. It is much less today.

Wines with Dobricic grapes


The most ancient variety of Dobricic was grown in the islands of Solta located near the major port of Split. Solta was one of the several islands at the Dalmatian coast.

It was largely grown back then, but the cultivation came down. When during the Second World War, the Dalmatians left that region and went away; the cultivation of this grape variety was also stopped.

Today, only some areas grow Dobricic. There are certain efforts that are carried out to plant this amazing grape variety again in Solta. Though, today, there is not much of this grape today, but, in the near future we might see great cultivations.

This grape variety is on the verge of extinction and hopefully, new plantations will be made to make this red wine grape popular and available again.

Characteristics of Dobricic

As Dobricic is a dark- skinned grape variety, the wine produced by it is also quite deep and penetrating in the colour. The rich ruby hue of this wine is a true winner of hearts.

The intense colour of this wine increases the richness of this wine. The wine is also very rich in tannins. The texture of this wine is amazing.

A photo posted by Ve (@vekelicious) on

The amazing qualities of this wine and especially its colour make it an apt option to add to other wines that do not possess good qualities. This authentic Dalmatian wine grape variety is a great blend.

 Food Pairings

The rich texture of the wine is amazing. It makes it apt with pairing with many delicious foods. One can pair this great wine with the delicious Croatian version of goulash with potato puree. The wine tastes best with this food.

Pairing this wine with a Croatian version of goulash makes the notes of the wine more prominent. The wine goes well with it. It intensifies the taste of the food as well as the wine itself.

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