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Emerald Riesling grapes

by Dec 27, 20160 comments

Whenever any grape which is high as to its quality as well as productivity is talked about, Emerald Riesling is never forgotten.

Emerald Riesling

This grape possesses both these features and is considered as one great variety of white wine grapes. Emerald Riesling, however, is not an original grape variety, but is a cross performed between Riesling and Moscadelle variety of grapes.

This hybrid was performed at the UC Davis with a view to create a grape variety which was superior in terms of both, the quality as well as productivity.

The wines prepared out of this grape became one of the most popular wines of the times of 1960’s and 1970’s. With the time, these wines have become rare in nature. Ironically, this grape variety grows the best on the coast of California in place of the hot inland regions for which this grape variety was created. It is also growing in the regions of South Africa in limited quantities.

However, Israel is the leading stop where the semi-dry wine produced out of Emerald Riesling is prepared and sold. This cross between Riesling and Moscadelle was performed by Prof. H.P. at Olmo in the University of California in the year 1936.

The idea of carrying out this cross was nothing but to replicate some of the features of Riesling produced in the cool climate in an altogether new variety which would further fetch some better yields and shall be more suitable to the warmer climate.

The wines produced out of this grape are mostly known for its high level of acidity as well as grapey flavour. The former has been inherited from Riesling while the latter is a trait of Muscadelle.

Wine grape varieties

Talking about the main regions where the production of this white wine grape variety is noticed are the San Joaquin Valley where this grape is planted in abundance.

In the regions of Israel, the wines produced out of this grape are mostly off-dry in style. Most of the vineyards of Emerald Riesling are planted in the southernmost Mount Carmel region.

The grapevines planted here are very aromatic along with a flowery and a blowzy character as well as a slight spicy finish.

The production and plantation of this white wine grape variety is also found in South Africa, but in limited regions.

Origin of Emerald Riesling

This variety of white wine grape is not an original variety of grape. On the contrary Emerald Riesling is a cross performed between two different grape varieties, namely, Moscadelle and Riesling.

This cross was the result of the mind of Prof. H.P. Olmo, who performed the same in the University of California in the year 1936. This cross then became successful and the hybrid called, Emerald Riesling was created.

Thus, it can be summed up that Emerald Riesling owes its origin to California. Later, the hybrid began to be planted in other regions of the world and this is how this grape variety attracted recognition.


The wine produced out of this grape variety was earlier fermented in stain steel vessels at a relatively low temperature.

This method did not involve oak.

The results of the wines so produced by the method were excellent for the wines sustain the refreshing aromas.

These wines are pleasant as to their taste and are further accompanied by a harmonized acidity as well as a pinch of sweetness.

The wines produced out of this grape variety became very popular in the early 1960s and 1970s where it was sipped by a majority of people on their dinner table.

Though, the productions of these wines have become very limited today, but this fact in no way compromises on the quality of the wines produced. They are very aromatic, rich and flavourful as to their taste with a high level of acidity.

These wines are the sophisticated wines which can be enjoyed in dry as well as semi-dry forms. The semi-dry version of this wine is mostly found in the regions of Israel where it is admired by the people at large.

Food pairing with Emerald Riesling

All the wines produced out of Emerald Riesling taste their best when paired with the food items like Poisson cru, Middle Eastern lentil soup as well as fried zucchini.

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