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Encruzado grapes

by | Dec 27, 2016

Encruzado is a famous variety of white wine grape that hails from the regions of Portugal.


In fact, this grape variety is considered as one of the best varieties of grape grown in the Portugal region.

Encruzado is regarded as one of the greatest white wine varieties by a majority of winemakers and this is the reason why this grape is taken into use for the preparation of different varieties of wine. Encruzado, primarily is used as a blending grape which performs the task of enhancing the flavors of different wines and adding taste to them.

This grape variety is also capable of producing some exceptional white wines. Ecruzado is vastly grown in the Dao region of Portugal and it demands a good care and attention to ripen well, so that it could exhibit all its qualities at its best.

This wine grape is very superior in quality and this is the reason why this grape variety is very popular among the Portuguese and all other wine lovers of the world.

Wine grape varieties

The Dao region of Portugal is a hilly area comprising of the granite hills and the plantation of this grape variety in that particular region gives this grape all the qualities like richness, full-body and some soothing aromas.

The wines prepared out of this white wine grape variety are priced very high because of their quality, taste and richness. The performance of this grape variety in the vineyards is fairly well.

It buds very early as compared to all other vines and balances the equal levels of sugar and acidity. The higher altitudes and the granite soil of the Dao region give these grapes a favourable terroir along with a diurnal temperature variation.

This grape when grown on the warmer regions, achieve a fair level of acidity and makes the wines as flabby which eventually end up lacking its very structure. This variety of white wine grape is also addressed by the name of Salgueirinho.

Origin of Encruzado grapes

This variety of white wine grape owes its origin to Portugal. To be more specific, Encruzado finds its origin in the Dao region.

The very first technical description of the origin of this grape variety appeared in Viseu in the year 1942.

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Dao is also considered as the chief area of the distribution of this grape variety. In this particular region, Encruzado ripens very well, retaining all its qualities at the same time.

Characteristics of Encruzado Grapes

As already stated, Encruzado is considered as a highly superior variety of white wine grape which possesses a number of qualities.

All the wines produced out of this grape variety are very much voluptuous as well as complex in nature. There are aromatic and mineral notes and also the notes similar to that of tropical fruits.

These wines taste similar to the fruits like passion fruit, papaya and melon. This variety of white wine grape ages very nicely along with some nuances of hazelnut.

When this grape is fermented in an oak, it beholds all the notes similar to vanilla. All the wines prepared out of this variety of white wine grape are full-bodies that carry with them the aromas similar to that of stone-fruit, melon, lemon as well as various woody herbs.

At the same time, this variety of white wine grape also provides some headaches in the cellar since it entertains a tendency of oxidizing very quickly if it is not handled properly.

Thus, it clearly states that Encruzado demands a proper care and attention to ripen at its best and to further exhibit all its properties. The wines prepared out of Encruzado when aged retain all the astringent notes along with the softness, nutty as well as toasty characters which makes them all the more tasteful and flavoursome on the table.

These wines also entertain balanced levels of sweetness and acidity. This is the reason why the wines prepared out of Encruzado are considered as one of the best wines of the world.

Food pairing

All the wines prepared out of Encruzado can be paired with a variety of foods. These wines go well with almost all kinds of foods.

The best meals that should be served with the wines prepared from Encruzado are risotto with squash, chickpeas, toasted almonds, bouillabaisse, angler, roasted root vegetables, pasta alfredo, French blanquette de veau, and many others. These wines also taste well with all kinds of cheese.


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