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Espadeiro grapes

by Dec 28, 20160 comments

Espadeiro is a variety of red wine grape which finds its primary origin in the regions of Portugal


This grape variety is mainly planted in the area of Minho and is used for the preparation of Vinho Verde. This red wine grape variety is also grown across the border of Galicia in Spain, where it is primarily taken into use for the preparation of various light-bodies wines of the world.

This variety of red wine grape is not an individual grape variety. On the contrary, there are a number of variants of the family of Espadeir.

Some of these grapes include the varieties like Espadeirotinto and Espadeiro Mole. In the Minho region, this grape variety is used in the production of various red wines.

The grapes of this vine are also used in the preparation of Vinho Verde which is considered as a famous Portuguese wine. In this particular blend, this variety of grape retains the fair levels of carbon dioxide that help to provide these wines a slight spritz.

One notable property of this particular wine is that despite of entertaining some levels of residual sugar, this wine doesn’t taste sweet at all. On the contrary, this wine becomes very dry as to its taste. It also retains a medium body as well as acidity.

Wine grape varieties

Apart from Portugal, this variety of red wine grape is also grown in the region of Galicia in Spain where this grape is used in the production of various light bodied wines which is highly enjoyed by almost all the locals there.

One example of light bodied wine produced out of Espadeiro in that particular region is Riass Baixas, which tastes the best when consumed in a younger state.

This grape is extensively used in the production of rose as well as dry red wines in the northern Portugal Vinho Verde wines.

All the wines produced out of this grape variety are very much tasteful in nature. They are light body and are consumed at their best when in the younger stage.

The Vinho Verde’s rose wines produced out of this grape variety comprises of a little spritzy character just like the white wines that are prepared in the northern region of Portugal.

The reason is nothing but the retention of the carbon dioxide that shows up during the process of winemaking. Today, this feature has become one of the important key features of Vinho Verde wines.

Espadeiro also includes a number of sub-varieties which tend to show various similar characteristics just like this grape variety.

These sub-varieties include the grapes like Espadeiro Mole as well as Espaderio Tinto. All these grapes belong to the same family of Espadeiro.

Interestingly, in the region of southern Portugal, the name of this grape refers to an entirely different variety of grape known as Tita Amaerla/Trincadeira.

Origin of Espadeiro grapes

This variety of red wine grape owes its major origin to Portugal. Today, a major portion of this grape is planted and cultivated in the regions of Portugal.

Characteristics of Espadeiro grapes

The grapes of Espadeiro are referred to as very superior and high in quality because of which they are highly recommended in the Demarcated region.

These red wine grapes produce the wines that are light ruby or ruby as to their appearance and look quite impressive. The level of acidity in these wines is moderate.

When the grapes of Espadeiro are blended, they result in giving a very fruity taste and the most notable flavour that they possess is that of a grapefruit.

These grapes are highly used in the production of dry red as well as rosy wines. All the wines produced out of Espadeiro are considered as tasteful and flavoursome.

This is the reason why a majority of wine lovers prefer the Espadeiro wines over other red wines of the world.

Food pairing

All the characteristics of Espadeiro are fairly good. Thus, this is the reason why the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety can be paired with a number of food items.

The wines produced out of this grape variety taste their best when they are paired with spicy foods along with Thai salad, paprika as well as mole sauce.

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