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Falanghina grapes

by | Oct 6, 2016

Falanghina is one of the most ancient white wine grapes that are a found in Italy. It is known to have its roots in Greece.


The grape variety is also popularly known as Falanghina Greco. It is an amazing variety of the wine grape Vitisvinofera. This variety is typically used for producing white wines.

Apart from being an amazing wine in itself, Falanghina Greco also holds the credit to be a strong inspiration behind Falernodel Massico.

One of the most famous wines of the Roman antiquity, Falernian, is also believed to be extracted from Falanghina. It is the base of Falernian wine.

The name of this wine is derived from the Latin word “falangae” or stakes that support the grapes in the vineyard.

Wine grape varieties

Over the years Falanghina has seen a lot. From being one of the most sought after wines to getting near extinction; several movements now intend towards restoring the washed away reputation of this once highly rated grape variety.

These movements are sunning successfully as they have managed, to an extent, to get back the popularity of Falanghina white wine.

Falanghina Greco, the white wine grape, has two sub- varieties. They are Falanghina Flegrea and Falanghina Beneventana.

Plantations of Falanghina

Falanghina Greco is not grown on too many places across the globe. Falanghina is a wine from Italy. It has not grown much out of Italy.

Even in Italy its plantations are not very widespread. It is grown particularly in Southern Italy at a place known as Campania.

It is not grown outside Campania. There are a few plantations in Abruzzo and also a little in Puglia. But, this grape variety has no major international production.

The sub varieties of Falanghina Greco are grown in the north of Naples. They are also not grown in the other parts of the world.

Viniculture of Falanghina

To get the best yield of Falanghina, one has to keep in mind many factors. Growing this grape variety is a hard nut to crack.

Unless they have apt geographical factors, they do not yield. The vines of Falanghina need porous volcanic soil to grow.

This kind of soil is particularly found around Mount Vesuvius. The vines need a warm Mediterranean climate to grow in full bloom.

The vines carry yellow skinned grapes that have a thin coating of protective wax. The grapes are really juicy.

Synonyms of Falanghina

Falanghina has many names. The popular synonyms of Falanghina include Falanghina Greco, Biancazita, Biancuzita, Biancozita, Falanchina, Falenghina, FalanghinaVerace, Falanchina Bianca, Falernina, Fallanchina, Fallanghina, Falerno Veronese, Folanghina, Montellese, UvaFalerna, Montecalvo and the list is truly endless.

Characteristics of Falanghina Wine

Talking about the characteristics of Falanghina white wine, it is quite different from other white wine varieties. It carries a certain individualism and character.

It has a hint of pine scent. But, what’s the best and individual character of this wine that stands apart are its citrus- blossom aromas.

The citrus aroma has a strong bitter orange hint. The wine oozes out amazing and refreshing citrus fragrance.

To taste buds, this wine gives the pleasure of pear and apple flavors. Well, the taste of the wine depends on the place where it is planted.

The plantations of the vine decide the major influence of its flavor. The wine shows either mineral or spicy notes.

Apart from being an amazing wine in itself, Falangina also makes up for amazing blends. It is blended with other varieties belonging to the indigenous Italy.

The blend produces sweet Passito wine. Though, other varieties and blends of this amazing grape variety are gaining momentum with each passing day.

Food pairings with Falanghina

There are certain dishes and delicacies that pair best with Falanghina.

This amazing wine tastes amazing with Pizza.

Pair this wine with Pizza with pear, rocket and walnut. If you are planning to call your friends over for a dinner, serve it with a thin crust pizza topped with walnuts, rocket and pear.

You will garner a lot of appreciation for your food and wine pairing sensibilities.


In the year 2014, in November, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau gave Falangina an approval as a recognized varietal for drinking in the United States of America.

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