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Fendant grapes

by | Nov 1, 2016

Fendant is a white skinned grapes variety belonging to Vitis vinifera species. This grape variety is called by many names around the world.


Fendant takes its name from Valai; one of the canton in North Switzerland, where it is grown in abundance. The cool temperature of Vaud vineyard in Switzerland is one of many places that plant Fendant grapes and make world class wine from them.

When it comes to the commercialization of wines, Fendant is the second most popular wine grape variety in the world. Pinot Noir is on top of   the list.

Fendant can grow in any kind of soil and climatic condition, this feature of the Fendant set it apart from the rest of grapes variety and this feature makes it one of the hugely planted grapes in the world.

Apart from Switzerland, Fendant is planted in other countries like; France, Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Germany and New Zealand. Fendant is made into dry and fruity white wine.

Wine grape varieties

Alone in Switzerland, by the end of the year 2009, about 9,920 acres of land were dedicated to growing Fendant grapes. Baden, a wine region in Germany used 2,770 acres of land to grow this variety of grapes.

Romania accounted of planting Fendant grapes in a whopping 32,100 acres of land, whereas Hungary uses its 24,700 acres, for Fendant vineyards.

In Turkey, Fendantis is especially grown as a table grape. Fendant has several synonyms like; Chasselas Blanc, Gutudel, Abelione, Alsacia Blanc etc. California and Australia plant this wine grape variety under the name of Golden Chasselas.

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History of Fendant grape

The origin of the Fendant grape variety is still under speculation. Many believe that it originated from Egypt. Recently in the year 2009 strong evidence was presented about the Fendant grape variety originating in the Canton of Vaud around Lake Geneva.

Nevertheless, wines made from Fendant grapes are sold and consumed by Swiss people from the very beginning. In France, this variety was first planted in the 17th century and hence Swiss is considered as the natural home of Fendant grapes.

Fendant Grapes were also used to cross with Silvaner in the year 1940 for producing other white grape variety like Nobling.

Viticulture and winemaking of Fendant grape

Fendant grapes are early ripening variety. The leaf of Fendant is medium-large having 5 lobes. The vines are healthy and strong. If not controlled the vines can be over productive, which is not good for its taste.

The bunch of Fendant grapes is of medium size, it is cylindrical in shape and ripe early. These grapes varieties have medium size berries of round shape and amber in color. A Fendant grape has thin-skin and very juice.

Fendant Grapes are commonly used as Table grapes because of their sweetness and juicy flesh. The wines produced from Fendant grapes are dry, light white, delicate, and undistinguished.

Swiss Fendant Grape wines are very popular in the wine market. Although Fendant grapes are planted all over the world because of its ability to adapt to any kind of soil and climate, wines made in Switzerland are incomparable with the rest. They are sweet, dry, refreshing and soft with the more distinctive character.

Characteristics of Fendant grape wines

Some of the best wines made all over the world are produced from Fendant grapes. They have a vast range of flavor of mineral, floral and fruity. The acidity content in these wines is high and they taste fresh, crisp and sweet. These wines are able to age long.

Along with the production of high acidic wines, the neutral wines are in huge demand in the market. Neutral wines made from Fendant grapes are very expensive.

Some of the most popular Fendant wines are Aigle Les Murailles, Blanc de Blanc Burt and Blanc de Blanc Semi-Sec. The aroma of these wines is discreet, sharp and clear.

It is best served at 8 to 10 degree Celsius. These wines are perfect aperitif wines and can be used in any occasions and get-together.

Food pairing with Fendant wines

Swiss Fendant wine and cheese are not separable; dishes made from cheese are always good to go with Fendant wines.

Soft cheese like Mozzarella, Chevre and Neufchatel are recommended food pair for these wines. Mushroom pasty and fondue can be another food choice to pair Fendant wines.


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