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Fernao Pires grapes

by | Nov 20, 2016

Fernao Pires is a very popular variety of white wine which mainly finds its existence in Portugal.

Fernao Pires

This variety of white wine grape is also referred as Maria Gomes in the region of Bairrada. This grapevine is a versatile variety of grape that produces very flavorsome wines of the world.

All the wines produced out of this grape entertain a spicy as well as aromatic character. At the same time there are several fruity notes possessed by these wines.

The wines made out of this grape do no live longer and they expire in a very little period of time. Grown specifically in Portugal, this grapevine can also be found in the regions of South Africa. Mostly, the grapes of Fernao Pires are used in the production of dry white wines.

At the same time, this variety of wine grape also acts as a base for all kinds of sparkling as well as sweet dessert wines. The common examples or descriptions of the wines produced out of Fernao Pires include the flavors similar to lime, orange as well as lemon.

Other varieties of wines are very honey and minerally as to their characteristics. The berries of the grapes, mostly produce dry wines, however if these are harvested late in the year, the wines become sweeter as to their taste.

Wine grape varieties

Fernao Pires is considered as the most popular variety of grapevine grown in the regions of Portugal. In every wine producing region of Portugal, the recognition of this grapevine is highly admired.

The important regions of Portugal where the production of this grapevine is found in abundance are Lisboa, Ribatejo as well as Barraida. In all these regions Fernao Pires is referred as Maria Gomes.

The fields provided by this grape variety are very generous and they are mostly controlled by the local growers in order to prevent them from over-cropping.

The vine of Fernao Pires is very much exposed to frost and is not very suitable to cooler regions. As already stated, Fernao Pires is a very versatile variety of grape ad can be used both as an individual agent in producing various tasteful wines as well as a blending agent with various other wines.

These vines are best suited to the hot climate where they are maintained well by all the local growers. This grape prefers a fertile soil and fetches high yields.

This grape is known by a number of synonyms that include the names like Camarate, Fernan Piriz, Fernao Pirao, Fernam Pires, Pires do Beco, Gaeiro, Maria Gomes, Molinh and many others.


This variety of white wine grape finds its origin in Portugal and this variety is the most popular variety of grapes in this country.

The notable regions where this grape finds its existence are Tejo and Bairrada respectively.

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Fernao Pires is one versatile variety of grape vine that produces a number of tasteful wines of the world. Some of the wines produced out of this grape are held very high in respect to their complexity, aroma and taste.

Although it is very difficult to take care of these complex varieties of wine, but the passionate winemakers do not usually hesitate in giving these wines a good shape. During the growing season of these wines, the acidity can drop off instantly leading to cloying wines.

At the same time, Fernao Pires also entertain the production of simple wines. A number of Portuguese wines are mostly blended with this variety of grapevine such as Arinto.

Food pairing

Fernao Pires is certainly the best option that can be served on the table with a number of dishes. There are a number of dishes that sing really well with this wine.

These dishes include mango salad, a curry dish infused with coconut, any main course served along with apricot sauce, plum mostarda and many more.

All kinds of dishes that have ingredients like pine nuts, cashews as well as macadamia nuts go very well with both kinds of wines produced out of this grape.

The wines produced out of Fernao Pires also exhibit all their beautiful characters and ingredients when they are paired with the traditional empanadas, sweet appetizers, honey and raisin pancakes, coconut as well as tomatoes.

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