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Fetească Regală grapes

by Dec 29, 20160 comments

Fetească regală is a famous variety of white wine grape the origin of which is not very ancient to the world.

Fetească Regală

This grape variety mainly hails from Mures County in Romania. This grape variety is the result of a natural crossing performed between two different varieties of grape namely Grasa and Feteasca Alba.

This variety of white wine grape is a light-skinned grape which is found throughout the regions of Eastern Europe, particularly in Romania.

Feteasca is considered as one of the three different varieties of the Feteasca which means maiden in Europe. The two other grape varieties with the same name include Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Neagara.

Both of them have been named after their colour which is black and white respectively. Regala, on the other hand, refers to royal and therefore it can be considered that the name Fetească regală has been roughly translated from the princess.

This grape variety is considered as one of the most famous as well as sought-after grape varieties of Romania. In fact, this grape variety is considered as the most characterful indigenous grape variety of this region which is used in the production of various tasteful dry white wines of the world.

The production rate of the vines of this grape variety is relatively high and because of this reason it was once very well-spread as well as a highly appreciated grape variety during the communist period when the massive production of the wines was so much in fashion.

This grape variety produces the wines that range between table wine and high-quality wines in terms of their quality. These wines are mostly fresh and dry and entertain a good level of acidity as well as a specific flavour.

Wine grape varieties

This is the reason why Fetească regală also forms a part of some of the semi-aromatic wines such as Chardonnay.

This variety of white wine grape is widespread throughout the centre of Romania. It is mainly cultivated in the Moldavia, Transylvania as well as Moldova regions of Romania.

The vines of this grape are suited well to the continental climate as they are capable of withstanding the extremes of temperature in both summer and winter seasons.

These vines require ample rainfall and do not perform so good in the drought-prone areas. They are also vulnerable to botrytis bunch rot.

Apart from Romania, Fetească regală is also planted in a number of Eastern European countries like Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova.

Fetească regală is known under a number of synonyms such as Danasana, Danosi, Galbena de Ardeal, Kralovska Leanka, Pesecka Leanka and many others.

Origin of Fetească regală grapes

The origin of Fetească regală is not very ancient and it was born in the region of Transylvania about eight decades ago.

This variety was very first mentioned in the texts of the 1930s.

This grape variety finds its niche in Romania.

Characteristics of Fetească regală grapes

This grape shows the best of qualities when planted and cultivated in the continental climates. The flowers of the vines of this grape are hermaphroditic and this variety is auto-productive.

The log is very frost-resistant, but is sensitive to mould at the very same time. The pith of the grapes entertains a high concentration of tannins that are generally very rare for a variety of white wine.

The wines produced out of this grape variety are full bodied in nature along with intense flavours as well as great ageing potential.

If the vines of this grape are vinified carefully, the wines produced out of this grape variety preserve the elegance of the wild flowers, rose flowers as well as almonds and dried apricots. The aromas of these wines are spicy, fruity and flowery and there are recognizable flavours similar to that of acacia, wild flowers as well as honey.

The taste of the wines produced out of this grape variety is fresh and lively with a pleasant acidity. These wines are noble and harmonious with several notes of mineral touches and exotic fruity flavours. Their taste is also very much similar to caramel.

Food pairing

The wines produced out of Fetească regală taste their best when they are paired with barbecued trout along with fresh herbs, German bratwurst with potato salad and many other herbs and spices.

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