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Francusa grapes

by | Dec 30, 2016

Francusa is a famous variety of white wine grape which is indigenous to the region of Romania.


This grape variety is not very widespread, but is seen only in little quantity and is mostly located in the north-eastern part of Romania along the border of Moldova.

In this particular region, one very distinguished vineyard called Cotnari is believed to be cultivating and vinifying this grape variety for a long period of 500 years.

This grape variety is very easy to recognize since it sustains all the lively notes along with a good level of acidity. It also distinguishes itself by a very fine fruity aroma which is not generally present in various other varieties of white wine grape.

The wines prepared out of this grape variety can be obtained from the grapes that are plucked and picked at full growth when the content of the must in sugar present is about 180 g/l.

Wine grape varieties

Regarding the degree of alcohol of this grape variety, this grape can be classified in the category of the famous table wines along with a geographical indication or with a controlled denomination the origin that is obtained from the grapes that are picked when they become fully mature.

The wines produced out of this grape variety are mostly varietal in nature. They entertain an attractive personality along with their appearance which is greenish-yellow in colour.

This variety of white wine grape produces various wines that are as tasteful as their flavours. Francusa is also known under the name of Frincusa.

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Origin of the Francusa grape variety

The origin of Francusa is very ancient. It finds its origin in the region of Romania and is believed to be cultivated by in the Cotnari vineyard for about 500 years today.

Wines with Francusa grapes


Francusa produces both blended as well as varietal wines. The colour of the grapes is yellow or greenish-yellow and when these grapes ripen fully, they exhibit a fruity aroma and gives you a balanced and silky taste in their wines.

The wines produced out of this grape variety are believed to ravish your senses. These grapes produce various dry wines and the dry wine lovers just cannot stop themselves from sipping these dry wines over and over again.

These dry wines are very refreshing and fruity. The sugar level of these dry wines is relatively low.

Francusa when ripens late retains a very high level of acidity and therefore it tends to make the wines with are balanced as to their acidity.

These wines often display the flavours that are very similar to grapey aromas, vegetal tastes as well as nutty senses. The blended wines when produced out of Francusa entertain the small proportion of Francusa.

This is mainly done to add more crispness and bite to these wines. The wines produced out of Francusa distinguish itself by the way of its fragrance and bouquet of a ripe grape.

These wines are uniquely fresh and fruity in nature. These wines are so addictive in nature that if the wine of Francusa goes into your mouth, you do not prefer anything else on the table.

It gives you those invigorating senses that are fruity, fresh and very flavoursome. The taste of all the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety is just like a fresh breath that attracts you till you sip the very last drop of these wines.

If these wines are consumed in moderate quantities, they can maintain your good mood for a longer period of time.

These wines come along with a special level of elegance, softness as well as the presence of floral notes, freshness and fruitiness.

Food pairing with Francsua Wines

All the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are very tasteful in nature. In fact, if we ask the passionate wine lovers what their favourite white wine variety is, a majority will prefer the Francsua wines as their answers.

Since these wines are very tasteful in nature, they do not need a lot of food items to enhance their taste. These wines go very well with the dairy products.

Apart from that, the wines prepared out of this grape variety, taste their best when paired with oysters Kilpatrick, grilled eggplant served with garlic and walnut as well as creamy curry with cashews.


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