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Freisamer grapes

by Dec 31, 20160 comments

Freisamer is a very superior white wine grape variety which is a native to Germany. This grape variety is mainly grown in the Baden region of Germany.


Apart from the German areas, the grapes of Freisamer also find their origin in the eastern Switzerland in the form of various small plantings.

This variety of white wine grape is not an original grape variety, but is a cross that was performed by Karl Muller at the Staatliches Weinbauinstitut in the Freiburg im Breisgau region of Germany.

The purpose of crossing two different varieties of grape to eventually produce the grape variety of Freisamer was nothing but to figure out the improved grape variety which may be similar to that of Pinot Gris.

This variety of white wine grape is mainly used in the preparation of full bodied, sweet wines. These full bodied sweet wines so prepared are considered as very much flavoursome in nature.

This white wine grape variety has been considered a very successful variety of grape in the regions of Germany during the time period of 1970s.

During this time, the charm of this white wine grape variety was not only popular in the regions of Germany, but throughout the world for a simple reason that this grape variety produced a number of tasteful wines for the world.

Wine grape varieties

However, the popularity of this grape variety began to decline eventually. Today, this variety of white wine grape is only grown in very small plantings and quantities in its homeland.

Initially, this grape variety was known under the name of Freiburger. This name was given to this grape after its birthplace that was the region of Freiburg in Baden.

Apart from its hometown Germany, the plantation of this white wine grape variety is also carried out in various parts of Switzerland.

In Switzerland, the most notable region where the plantation of this white wine grape is carried out in abundance includes the towns called Graubunden.

Apart from Graubunden, this grape variety is also grown sporadically in the canton of Fribourg. In this particular region, this white wine grape variety is vinified in order to turn the same into various full-bodied wines that are sweet as their characteristics.

Unfortunately, as accordance to the records of the year 2008, the plantations of this white wine grape variety are limited only up to an area of 4 hectares (9.9 acres) in Germany and mostly in Baden.

Today, only a few numbers of farmers entertain a keen interest in cultivating the vines of this grape and later taking care of them.

Origin of the Freisamer grape variety

The origin of Freisamer finds its place in the year 1916. It has already been stated that this grape variety is not an organic/original grape but is a cross.

This cross was done in between Silvaner and Pinot Gris. This cross was performed by Karl Muller at the Staatliches Weinbauinstitut.

This cross was performed by Karl Muller with an idea of improving the grape variety with the characteristics as great as that of Pinot Gris.


The wines produced out of this grape variety are considered as very tasteful in nature. This grape variety ripens very late if we compare it to other grape varieties that produce white wines.

The wines produced out of this white wine grape are distinctly acidic in nature. In fact, the level of acid in these wines is more than any other variety of white wines.

These wines are tasteful as to their characteristics and also possess the flavours that are similar to fruit. All these wines retain a good level of freshness in them.

Food pairing

The wines produced out of Freisamer are considered as the wines of superior quality. These wines can be paired with a number of food items on the table.

However, these wines taste their best when you pair them with the cuisines like German onion pie known as Zwiebelkuchen, cheese tart and fruit salad.

These wines also taste their best when they are paired with any food item having butter as their major ingredient.

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