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Fumin grapes

by | Oct 7, 2016

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Fumin is among one of the best varieties of red wine grape from the region of Italy. This variety of grape mainly finds its existence in the Valle d’Aosta region of northwest Italy.


As pointed out by the experts, Fumin is a very tough variety of grape which is majorly used as a blending grape in the Denominazione di Origine Controllatas or DOCs of the concerned region.

This dark-skin variety of red wine grape is grown among the Alps in the Aosta Valley of Italy. This variety of red wine grape was oblivious to the locals as well as the winemakers for a very long time.

However, it was brought back to recognition by the dedicated local producers of wine. This grape is considered as one of the parents of the Aosta wine grape, Vuillermin.

Ever since Fumin has been brought back to recognition, numerous of winemakers are producing different varieties of wine out of this red wine grape.

These varieties showcase different flavors of fruits as well as spices. The wine produced out of fumin is traditionally blended with other local as well as international grape.

This gives it a firmer structure and adds a dash of purple-ruby color into it. This juicy grape is therefore used in the production of a number of wines.

Wine grape varieties

The wines prepared out of fumin have earthy tones which make these wines are one of the most favorite and admired wines of the wine lovers. The wines produced out of Fumin annually extend from massive 5,000 to 7,000 bottles respectively.

These bottles are sold locally and internationally to all the wine lovers. This red wine grape is also allowed in the Torrette DOC as one minor component that is put alongside Petit Rouge.

Small volumes of this grape ar also planted and maintained in Switzerland.


This variety of red Italian wine grape finds its origin in the Valle d’Aosta region of the northwestern part of Italy. This grape can be mostly found around the town of Arvier.

It is said to be a very fine variety of grape which is recognized in this region as a great varietal wine. The wines out of the fumin grape were firstly produced in the year 1995.

Another notable thing about this grape is that it was once on the verge of extinction since the grape was not known to a majority of winemakers.

Thankfully, the extinction of Fumin was then saved by the vintners of Aosta Valley. They soon began with planting the new vineyards of this traditional variety of grape.

Thus, this is how Fumin was saved from extinction. Today, Fumin is considered as one key grape as to the reintroduction of the region’s traditional grapes in the process of winemaking.


The grapes of this variety of wine give rise to long-lived red wine with a rich body as well as admirable taste. The wine produced out of this grape is very full of color, entertaining some strong shades of malvacea.

The flavor of the wines produced out of Fumin is intense, full and slightly herbaceous. The level of acidity of the wines produced by Fumin is good which makes it a rich variety of red wine grape.

The more mature it becomes, the better it tastes. Thus, Fumin must be tasted only after it is matured.

The earthy fragrance of this grape is tempting. The growers love greeting and growing this variety of grape for a simple fact that Fumin doesn’t demand a high maintenance.

It is a disease-resistant variety of grape which is certainly a plus point for the growers. The grape buds late, but ripens pretty early. This factor certainly makes it a boon in the cooler environments of Alpine since it can avoid frost at the very end of the growing season.

These characteristics of Fumin make it one superior quality of red wine grape that eventually produces various rich-tasting and flavorsome wines.

Food pairing

The wines produced out of Fumin could be paired with a number of foods to enhance its taste.

It is based paired with medium and long aged cheese like toma and fontina, fondue, game, salami, soups, and a lot many dishes.

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