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Gamaret grapes

by Jan 3, 20170 comments

Gamaret is a great variety of red wine grape which is used in the preparation of some of the most tasteful red wines of the world.


In fact, a majority of passionate wine lovers look for the wines produced out of this grape variety on their tables. This grape variety is a newly known grape variety which is not an original grape, but is a result of a cross performed between Gamay and Reichensteiner.

This cross was created by Andre Jaquinet at the Station Federale de Recherches en Production Vegetale de Changins in the year 1970.

This cross was particularly done with an intention for the cultivation in French Switzerland. This grape variety is considered as a full sibling to Garanoir, which is one of the most flourished grape varieties in various regions of Germany.

The production and cultivation of this red wine grape variety are carried out in Germany as well as a few parts of the United Kingdom. The plantation of the vines of Gamaret is also carried out in the regions of Switzerland.

The total Swiss plantation of this grape variety extended up to an area of 940 acres as of the survey carried out in the year 2009.

In Switzerland, the plantation of this grape variety is mostly carried out in the Lavaux wine region.

Wine grape varieties

This red wine grape variety entertains a very good resistance to rot and it ripens relatively early if we compare it to other red wine grapes of the region.

The wines produced out of the grapes of this variety are dark purple as to their appearance along with the aromas of spices and blackberries.

This grape complements very well to both the levels of tannins and acidity. Since it shows very similar properties to Garanoir, the blends of Gamaret-Garanoir are found in a number of parts of southwest Switzerland. This red wine grape variety is also known under the synonym of Pully B-13.

Origin of the Gamaret grapes

The grape variety of Gamaret is not a natural grape variety, but is merely a cross performed in between Reichensteiner and Gamay.

This cross was performed in the year 1970 where it was bred at the viticultural research station in the region of Pully. The breeder of this grape, Andre Jaquinet, also created other grapes alongside, such as Diolinoir as well as Pully B-28- the sister variety of Gamaret.

This grape variety was later released in the year 1990 in the form of several tasteful wines of the world.

Characteristics of the Gamaret Wines

This grape variety is very closely related to both its parents, Gamay and Reichensteiner for obvious reasons. At the same time, this red wine grape variety shares a number of common traits with Pinot Noir, which is also considered as its distant relative.

However, there are a few frailties for sure. The berries of this grape ripen very early and give high yields. These berries are also very much resistant to a number of fungal diseases like peronospora and oidium.

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are very moderate as to their level of tannin and retain a very robust acid structure as well as the aromas similar to that of sweet spice and blackberries.

The wines produced out of this grape variety are very great as to their structure. The aromas of this grape tend towards the darker side with the hints of several savory spices.

Also, this variety of red wine grape is often blended with its sibling, Garanoir and further creates some of the most tasteful wines that are lighter and fruitier in their character.

Food pairing with Gamaret Wines

All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety taste great with a variety of meals. However, these wines taste their best when they are paired with the food items such as mushrooms in white sauce with bread dumplings, slow-roasted dumplings as well as vegetable salads.

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