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Gamay Noir grapes

by Nov 20, 20160 comments

Gamay Noir, popularly known as Gamay is a variety of purple shade grape which is used in the preparation of various tasteful red wines of the world.

Gamay Noir

The full name of this grape variety is Gamay Noir a Jus Blanc and it is notably grown and cultivated in the regions of Beaujolais and Loire Valley. The existence of this grape variety is very ancient.

The biggest plus point of the plantation of the vines of Gamay is that they are cultivated in abundance and therefore the production also remains abundant. The wines produced out of this purple-colored grape are very tasteful in nature.

Whenever these grapes are planted on acidic soils, they help in softening the natural high acidity of the grapes. This variety of grape is considered very popular for producing the wines which are light as well as fruit-driven.

These wines exhibit some beautiful aromas similar to that of red-fruit or candies. They are light in weight and are very simple as to their characteristics.

The plantation of Gamay in France is carried out in the regions of Savoie, Maconnais as well as Tourine. However, the homeland of this grape remains Beaujolais.

Wine grape varieties

Initially, this variety of grape was welcomed in a very unenthusiastic manner by the people. Not only this, the ruling dukes of Burgundy even made an effort to outlaw this variety of grape.

Eventually, Gamay was resigned to the soils that were granite-based in the hills located to the north of Lyon. The grape of Gammay itself entertains various tannins.

Interestingly, the wines prepared out of this grape embrace fairly low tannin. They entertain all kinds of fresh as well as fruity flavors similar to that of raspberry, strawberry as well as pears.

Today, Gamay is happily undergoing through a comeback in the form of some great wines produced by its hometown Beaujolais. The most famous wines that are produced out of Gamay include Fleurie, Morgon, Moulin-e-Vent, Julienas, Brouilly, Chiroubles and many others.

The wines so produced undergo a process of vinification and are aged in the oak. Their aging reaches the very peak in 10 years.


Gamay is one such variety of red wine grape which is said to have a very ancient origin in the world.

According to a research, this grape was firstly appeared in the village of Gamay located to the south of Beaune sometime in the 1360s.

During this time, another popular variety of grape called Black Death came into decline.

Thus, the emergence of Gamay in such hard times was certainly a respite among all the wine producers as well as growers of that area.

The Gamay, so existed was ripened two weeks earlier and it became less difficult to cultivate this grape. During that time, this grape successfully produced a variety of stronger as well as fruitier wines in abundance.

Soon in the year 1395, the cultivation of this grape variety was outlawed by Philippe the Bold who also referred to this grape as disloyal Gaamez and considered it to be very horrible.


This variety of red wine grape is considered as a very vigorous wine which does not believe to root very deeply on all kinds of alkaline soils which certainly results in pronounced hydrological stress on these vines.

Because of these reasons the level of acidity in these grapes always falls on a higher side as compared to other grapevines of the world.

The high acidity of these grapes is softened by the way of carbonic maceration which is a process that allows the youthful and vibrant fruit expressions as that of strawberries and raspberries to these grapes.

It also gives them deep floral notes of violets and lilac. The wines that are prepared out of Gamay are traditionally fruity as well as light bodied.

These wines are certainly very tasteful. Some of them give you a very fruity flavor with amazing aromas while the others are very crispy and chalky as to their nature.

Food pairing

The wines produced out of Gamay can be paired with a number of foods. The light foods when paired with Gamay wines make these wines taste all the more flavorful.

Italian food when served with Gamay relished your taste-buds to the fullest. Further, the taste of these wines is also enhanced when they are served with various varieties of cheese such as feta cheese, cheddar cheese, and camembert as well as Morbier cheese.

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