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Garanoir grapes

by Jan 3, 20170 comments

Granoir is a popular variety of red wine grape which is also considered as a sibling to another grape variety, Gamaret.


This grape, like its sibling is not an original or organic variety of a grape, but a cross performed in between the same grapes, Gamay and Reichensteiner.

This cross was performed by Dominique Maigre and Andre Jaquinet at the Station Federale de Recherches en Production Vegetale de Changins in the year 1970 along with its sibling, Gamaret.

Granoir is considered as a full sibling to Gamaret, and it possesses all the similar properties as that to its sibling. The cross for the result of this grape was performed in order to flourish it in the French part.

This grape variety is mainly developed for cultivation in the region of German Switzerland, where the vines of this red wine grape variety can be encountered at large.

Like its sibling, the total plantation of this red wine grape variety as according to the survey of the year 2009 stoop up at 500 acres respectively.

Today, the vines of this red wine grape variety are found in both German and French Switzerland. This red wine grape variety entertains a good resistance to the rot and it ripens very early.

The wines produced out of it are dark purple as to their appearance and they are lighter, fruitier as well as less concentrated than its sibling, Gamaret.

Wine grape varieties

This grape variety is considered as a new hybrid grape variety which is also planted in various regions of Germany as well as a few regions of the United Kingdom.

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety can be both varietal as well as blended wines. As far as the blended wines are concerned, this grape is mostly blended with its sibling, Gamaret to produce some tasteful wines that are highly fascinating as to their appearance.

The subtle differences in between both these grape varieties further enhance the taste of the wines and therefore the blend is simply worth it.

The plantation of this red wine grape variety, though exists in almost all the regions of Switzerland, yet the same is very much widespread in the regions of the cantons of Valais and Vaud that are located towards the southwest of Switzerland.

Small plantations can also be seen in the countries such as Germany, Canada, England as well as the United States.

Origin of the Garanoir grapes

The origin of this red wine grape variety shows a very similar story to that of its sibling. This grape is the result of an artificial cross that was performed in between Reichensteiner and Gamay in the year 1970 at the Agroscope Research Centre in Pully.

This cross was mainly done to obtain a grape variety that could show similar properties as to the Gamay with a stronger resistance power as well as a richer appearance in terms of its colour. This grape was officially released in the year 1990 in the form of various wines.

Characteristics of the Garanoir Wines

This grape produces a number of red wines that are very famous for its attractive appearance, striking aromas and a good level of acidity.

Yes, the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are admired by a number of wine lovers. In terms of its fragrance, these wines are very much similar to the wines produced out of Pinot Noir.

However, both these grapes differ in terms of their acidity. The vines of this grape variety show the best of their properties; when they are grown in the cooler vineyards.

This is because in these cooler conditions, this grape ripens slowly and steadily without a rush and therefore they retain all their properties without losing too much acidity.

In the warmer regions, Garanoir vines exhibit strong and fruit-driven properties and fragrances. However, these vines lack the appropriate levels of acid and tannins.

Food pairing with Garanoir Wines

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are very tasteful and they can be paired with a variety of food.

However, these wines taste their best when they are paired with okra and rice stew, morel mushrooms in white sauce along with croutons as well as seared tuna loin.

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