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Gellewza grapes

by | Jan 6, 2017

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Gellewza is considered as a very famous grape variety of red wine grape. Moreover, this red wine grape variety is considered as the most famous grape variety of Malta region.

Wine with Gellewza grapes

Malta is considered as one of the most famous regions of the production of wines. In fact, a number of tasteful wines are exported from Malta to a number of regions of the world where these wines are tasted, treated and admired a lot.

Today, the plantation of this grape variety has become a very little, but it doesn’t stop the wines produced out of this grape variety to be the most favourite wines of a majority of people.

This grape variety has been surpassed on this island by another native variety called, Girgentina. In this particular region, you will also encounter a number of superior grape varieties such as Chardonnay as well as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Gellewza is used in the preparation of still red wines. At the same time, this grape variety is also used to make various semi-sparkling rose wines of the world.

The Maltese wines have become very famous all over the world today and this is the reason why this grape variety along with some other grape varieties is used in the production of different kinds of wines throughout the world.

Wine grape varieties

Also, the wines in this particular region embrace a number of vineries that resort to using various imported grapes because the agricultural areas are pretty much limited on these islands by the way of the growth of tourism and settlement.

Malta also entertains wine festivals where all the wines of this region, including the wine produced out of Gellewza are enjoyed by the locals as well as visitors in large quantities.

As of the records of the year 2005, 630 tons of the total wines were produced only on this island for the purpose of the festival.

Most of this red wine grape variety is produced in Malta and since it is mostly consumed by the locals here in full swing, a very little quantity of this grape variety is found outside this island. This is the reason why Malta has become a leading exporter of this red wine grape variety.

Origin of the Gellewza grapes

This variety of red wine grape is believed to have a very ancient origin. In fact, a number of wines and vineyards of Malta are dated back over two thousand years today.

The wineries of Marsovin and Emmanuel Delicata were established in the very beginning, which entertained the production of these grapes.

The whole scenario of wine production became all the more serious and all the international grape varieties were further planted. Slowly, the origin of this red wine grape variety began to flourish.

However, today the scenario has become a little tougher for this grape variety. Only a few vineyards of Gellewza are in existence. However, these vines are taken care in a very well manner by their locals.

Characteristics of Gellewza Wines

This red wine grape variety is very amazing as to their properties. The sparkling roses that are tinged in strawberries are mostly made into the wines that are medium-dry as to their style.

There are the flavours of berry fruit at the very front. These red wines are medium as to their body and are mostly found in the bottles along with Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Syrah in order to make a better and full-bodied wine.

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are often considered to add softness to the spicy flavours of other wines and this is the reason why this grape variety is also used as a blending agent in a number of other wines of the world. This grape also adds bright cherry flavour to these wines.

Food pairing with Gellewza Wines

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety taste their best when they are paired with the food items like hummus with pine nuts, roasted vegetables and pasta with anchovy sauce and tomato.

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