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Gouveio grapes

by | Jan 2, 2017

This grape is noted for producing the best rich and dry wines of the world. Gouveio is one superior quality of white wine grape which is mainly found in a number of parts of Portugal.


The most noted regions, where the production of this grape variety is found in abundance is the Douro Valley. Recently, the production of this grape variety is also seen in the region of Alentejo.

This grape variety is widely used in the production of dry wines, most frequently in the blends. At the same time, it is also used as an ingredient in the White Port.

In the region of Douro, this grape variety is also referred to as Verdelho and this is the reason why this grape is often confused with the Verdelho grape variety that is mainly grown in the region of Azores and Madeira.

The ageing potential of this grape variety is very fair and therefore it results in very good production of the grapes. The bunches of the grapes of this white wine grape variety produce small grapes that are a little yellowish-brown as to their appearance.

Though this grape variety is very much mistaken to be Verdelho, but as a matter of fact, it is entirely different from Verdelho and it is merely the name that is similar to the latter grape variety.

There is no concrete evidence that relates these different grape varieties with each-other. However, both these grape varieties are very similar as to their appearance.

This variety of white wine grape produces superior wines that are very rich as to their properties since they retain a good balance of sugar and acidity in them.

They are further characterized by a good structure, intense aromas and high grade. Also, they entertain some very favorable and excellent conditions that help them age very well in the bottles.

Wine grape varieties

Currently, this variety of white wine grape is mostly used as a blending variety of grape in the white Port and is also blended along with its companion, MalvasiaFina.

At the same time, in a very small section of the Douro region as well as in the sub-region of Tavora-Varosa, this variety of white wine grape is used in the production of sparkling wines as a base known as espumante.

This variety of white wine grape entertains an early ripening and fetches a good yield. As already mentioned; the grapes of the vines of Gouveio are tightly-packed and are medium as to their size.

They appear yellowish-green in color. These grapes are very much prone to a number of fungal diseases, the most common out of which is oidium.

This grape variety exhibits all its amazing and wholesome properties when it is planted in a warm, dry as well as well-ventilated atmosphere. This is the reason why this grape variety mainly finds it existence in the continental areas of inland Portugal.

Gouveio is known under a number of names to the world. Its regional name includes Gouveio Estimado.

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This variety of white wine grape originally hails from the region of Portugal and therefore it owes its origin to Portugal.

Also, historically, this grape variety is mostly used as a varietal wine in the northern area of Tras-Os Montes as well as Douro, which have been the most notable regions for the production and cultivation of this white wine grape variety.

Wines with Gouveio grapes


This variety of white wine grape is relatively temperate as well as hardy as to its properties and so are its wines.

The wines produced out of this white wine grape variety entertain a higher level of acidity. This grape is also very well known for its citrus and fruity aromas that further help in giving the wines a crispy texture as well as refreshing quality.

The acidity is further balanced with a decent level of sugar. It further offers aromas as well as flavors expressive peach, pale apple and anise.

The wines produced out of this grape variety are very lively and fresh as to their nature which provide them plenty of body and a amazing level of acidity.

These wines are further characterized by the subtle notes of stone fruit along with spicy whiff of aniseed.

Food Pairing

The wines produced out of this grape variety taste their best when they are paired with the food items like sake-marinated vegetables, white sauce pasta and salted cod.


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