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Grechetto grapes

by | Oct 17, 2016

Grechetto grape grows in the Umbria region of central Italy. It is a white wine producing grape. Grechetto is among the famous Italian wine grapes.


Primarily, it is a blending grape variety, but there are few of its varietal wines. The buds are harvested in late season due to which the sugar level goes high and is ideal for making dessert wines.

It mainly produces dry wines. Chardonnay wine uses Grechetto. To make this wine Grechetto grape is fermented or aged in casks or baroque. But the use of cask is limited.

Inert containers are thereafter used to complete the process. Though popular, Grechetto is nowhere else grown except Italy. It is used to make Vin Santo. It is a main component in Orvieto, a peach scented semi-sweet wine.

It is known by a number of names such as Greghetto, Greco Spolentiono and Grechetto di Todi. Earlier it was used in low quantities in Orvieto but over the period of time, the percentage has increased.45 is the maximum percent the wines are allowed to use in their blending.

Wine grape varieties

Grechetto makes both dry and sweet wines. The dry wines have a strong acidic content which is cherished by most of the tasters and the sweet wines have medium acidity and accurate sugar content.

The grape does not reach to the labels of all the wines but is used in a number of popular wines such as Malvasia, Chardonnay, Verdello and Trebbiano.

The blends are cherished and demanded all over the world but the grape has failed to reach to the vineyards of any other area.

Origin of Grechetto

Grechetto is said to have originated in Greece. The name itself points out to this origin. People say that this name has been in the history since the medieval times.

The reputation of this grape has increased since the 20th century, making it one of the prominent grape varieties of the region. Since it has been in the history of wine making since such a long time, the exact origin of the wine cannot be confirmed.

Though it has its origin in Greece, it has been growing in Italy since such a long time that people see Italy as its home place now. Since its reputation has been increasing steadily, it might make a place in some other areas too!


Grechetto grapes have a thick skin, which protects it from downy mildew and is hence a very nice variety for blending. This thick skin also allows it to be harvested in the late season, which increases the sugar level.

Grechetto grape makes light coloured wines. The wine gives a nutty and herbal taste. The yield is not very high and so the berries have a concentrated flavour. Bunches are cylindrical and small to medium sized with oval, medium sized berries.

This grape tolerates winter and spring frost. The dry wines made have high acidic content while the sweet wines made from it are medium acidic in nature.

The aroma and herbal nutty taste of the grape becomes the major reason many wines uses it in their blending. It is rare to find such natural taste. Also the high resistance to diseases has contributed in the usage being expanded to sweet wines.

Experiments are now being done to further make out a way to use the grape in producing more varied tasting wines. The grape is low-yielding which adds to the disadvantage of planting the variety. This grape needs to reach to the vineyards of other countries so as to make its name in the market.

Food Pairing

Grechetto grape wines can be enjoyed with tortelli di zucca which is pumpkin-stuffed pasta. Its sweet wine is taken with Almond cookies.

Oven dried tomatoes also adds to the taste of this wine. Vegetables with acidic sauces and light tomato pasta are among the best combinations to make with Grechetto grape wine. The dry wine from the grape has high acidity and can be therefore enjoyed with salty dishes.

The wines made from this grape are pleasant tasting and not very costly. They are available online in most of the countries. If you wish to taste the varied flavour and aroma of the Grechetto grape, you must give it a try!

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Michael Bredahl

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