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Grey Riesling grapes

by | Jan 6, 2017

Grey Riesling is one very famous range of white wine grape which is very popular throughout the world.

Grey Riesling

This grape variety hails from California. At the same time, this white wine grape variety is also found in the eastern France.

In the regions of France, this grape variety is commonly known as Trousseau Grape. Grey Riesling is a variety of white wine grape which is nothing but a white mutation of the red grape called Trousseau.

This variety of grape is mostly grown in the regions with a cool climate and in that particular climate the grapes develop a tendency to produce fresh and aromatic wines.

In order to grow well and to possess all its properties, this variety of white wine grape requires a gentle handling as well as careful winemaking process.

Though the mutation of this grape variety is believed to be occurring in the regions of Europe, this grape variety is mostly known as a Californian grape variety.

This grape is traditionally taken into use to provide body as well as aromas to all the white as well as red blended wines of the world.

It can also be produced into a varietal wine. If this grape is extracted and prepared into a varietal wine, it displays its crisp acidity along with different flavors of melon, honeysuckle and peaches. These wines also retain a good smoky minerality.

This variety of white wine grape has been planted for long in the regions of California. However, in the recent times, this variety of white wine grape is said to have lost its ground as of the beginning of the 20th century.

Wine grape varieties

Today, this grape variety is mostly planted among various other vines in the field blend vineyards along the western coast.

In that particular region, this grape is also combined with various other varieties. In the region of the Russian River of Sonoma, there is a committed vineyard of this grape variety and this grape in that region produces various high-quality wines of the world.

In France, this grape variety is mostly found in the wines of Alsace, Jura, Lorraine as well as Champagne. In the regions of California and other parts of the United States, this grape is used as a blending agent in various different wines such as White Zinfandel rose, Viognier, Chardonnay as well as a number of red wines.

This grape variety is also used in the production of dessert wines, fortified wines as well as sparkling wines. The plantation of Grey Riesling was very much flourished in the regions of California once upon a time. However, the same was declined in the 1980s.

Today, this grape variety can only be found in the old field-blended Zinfandel vineyards. This variety of white wine grape is also known under a number of synonyms such as Chauche Gris, Baratszolo, Francia Szurke, Gray Riesling, Gris de Salces, Guindolenc, Gris de Salses, Guinedoulenc, Hamuszolo, Hamu Szolo, Sals, Nagyavati, Sals Censiu, Shome Seryi, Salses Gris, Sose Serri, Trousseau Gris and Trousseau Noir.

Origin of the Grey Riesling grapes

The origin of this variety of white wine grape is very uncertain and it often becomes a topic of argument for various experts, researchers and ampelographers.

According to some studies, Grey Riesling owes its origin to the region of France. On the contrary, other stories suggest that this variety of white wine grape possesses a Californian origin and its origin is not connected with France.

Wines with Grey Riesling grapes

Characteristics of Grey Riesling Wines

Since this variety of white wine grape is considered as a mutant of port grape, it can easily thrive in dry and hot conditions.

The vines of this grape produce a lot of sweet berries. The best wines out of this grape are prepared when this grape is grown in much cooler climatic conditions.

The areas like the coastal area of California and the Russian River Valley or the mountains of the Jura are considered as the best spots where the growth of the wines of Grey Riesling is carried out at its best.

This grape is very meaty in nature which usually doesn’t like to release its juice. The wines produced out of this grape variety possess crisp, clean as well as aromatic properties along with the aromas of flowery bouquet as well as the flavors similar to pear, peaches, melon, delicate spice, honeysuckle and tropical fruit.

Food paring with Grey Riesling Wine

The wines produced out of Grey Riesling taste their best when they are paired with the food items like marinated vegetables and hand-cut fries along with mayo.

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