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Gropello grapes

by | Jan 8, 2017

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Gropello is a popular variety of red wine grape which is mainly planted and grown all along the region of the southwestern side of Lake Garda in the northern Italy.


This red wine grape variety is taken into use by the Garda DOC which straddles in the regional border in between Veneto and Lombardy.

This is considered as one of a very few DOCs which has been crossed over from one region to another. The DOC of Gropello appears to be very forward-looking as well as collaborative.

However, the divisions of this red wine grape variety remain on the very Veneto side of the border. In this particular region, this grape wine retains its local name by the name of Rossignola.

The major use of this red wine grape variety is mostly in the red wines of the Garda Bresciano as well as Garda DOCs. In these particular DOCs, this red wine grape variety plays a very important roles and it forms 30-60 percent of the total content of these DOCs.

It is furthermore complemented with other grape varieties such as Barbera, Marzemino as well as Sangiovese to enhance the taste.

Across the far east region on the regional border of Veneto, this grape variety is also used as a minor component in the red wines of Valpolicella to give this wine a good shape.

The main plantation of this red wine grape variety is carried out in the country of Italy. In Italy, this red wine grape variety is primarily planted in the areas of Lombardy as well as in the Northern Italy region over the Lake Garda.

The name of this red wine grape variety has been derived out of its appearance which is very similar to that of a pinecone.

Wine grape varieties

The wines produced by Gropello often consist of the character of their own. They are really flavorsome and tasteful as to their taste and are often preferred by a number of wine lovers on their table.

This grape variety also entertains the ability to produce a good set of varietal wines. However, as of today, this grape variety is mostly used in the blended wines as a result of the growing fame of its competitor, Sangiovese.

This red wine grape variety is also used in conjunction with a number of grape varieties and Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera are the most common among them.

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are popularly called as the one-night wine where the process of the fermentation of juice or the fluid of the grapes is permitted to be carried out only for a few hours at a time.

A few variations of Gropello include the Gropello Gentile as well as Gropello di Mocasino which are mostly considered as similar to the original Gropello.

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Origin of the Gropello grapes

This variety of red wine grape finds its origin in Italy. In fact, there has been no difference in the plantation and cultivation of this grape variety ever since its inception. The plantation of Gropello is still very widespread in a number of regions of Italy.

Characteristics of Gropello Wines

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety have the character of their own. The bouquet of this wine is noted to be having different notes of almonds, citrus as well as flowers.

The taste of these wines is infused with the undertones of cranberry and salt, which helps to round of this wine which is medium as to its body.

The wines produced out of Gropello are best characterized as the beautifully colored wine that is infused with richness. These wines are fresh in terms of their taste and salty in terms of their notes.

The essence of these wines is very much similar to that of cranberry. The spicy and fruity taste together is very much relishing and can please even the most critical wine lovers. This wine shall be consumed early as in its early age it retains all its superior properties.

Food pairing with Gropello Wine

The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are very tasteful as well as relishing in nature. Because of the easy and light flavor of these wines they are paired with a lighter variety of food such as quesadillas, cold cuts, soft cheeses as well as salads.


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