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Gutudel grapes

The Gutedel grape also known by several other popular names like the Chasselas or the Chasselas blanc is a wine grape variant which is used in the production of white wine.

This grape variety is quite popular and is grown quite exclusively in countries like Hungary, Romania, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and New Zealand.

This wine, which is mostly vinified to make good quality dry, full and fruity flavoured white wine is typically also used as table grapes in the European native of Turkey.

Wine grape varieties

Origin and History of Gutudel grape

This grape variety which happens to be one of the oldest grape variants to be ever cultivated was produced mostly by the Egyptians some five thousand years ago.

This grape spread from the Egyptians to the Romans and the ancient Greeks when trade took place between them, causing this grape to spread to Europe and making the newer place its home.

In the earlier part of the sixteenth century, the French obtained the Gutedel grape variety and started planting them in the Chasselas region, and hence this grape is widely referred to as Chasselas in France.

This grape got introduced to the German region in the start of the seventeenth century in the regions of Württemberg and Franken.

In Germany, this grape is known as Gutudel and it occupies around 1.1 percent of the plantations or 2,774 acres (1,123 hectares) of plantations with main wine regions growing this grape being the ones in the southern part of Baden in the Markgräflerland district.

Wines with Gutudel grapes

Vine and Viticulture of Gutedel grape

On the vine, Gutedel tends to ripen early and is a variety which is known for very vigorous and over productive property. This vine needs to be controlled and finds itself favourable in mountainous terrain and cold climate.

Areas where Gutedel grape is grown

Guedel grape is throughout the Europe, and particularly so in France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, parts of north Africa, United State of America and few regions in North America.

In France, Guedelis not taken that seriously and it has been removed from the areas of Alsace and Loire, where it used to be planted in numbers.

Gutudel in France is used only for the production of table grapes, which might be the reason why the French are prejudiced against the wine making potential of Gutudel grape.

Majorly this grape is grown in the regions of Savoie, which falls close to the Swiss border and Baden of Germany.

Characteristics of Gutedel grapes

The most common synonyms for Gutedel grapes include Fendant, Perlan, Chasselas ,Dorin, Wälscher, Chasselas Doré, Moster, Chasselas de Moissac, Dore, Chasselas blanc, Marzemina Bianca and Chrupka Bila.Gutedel vines to a large extent depend on the climate, ground and the location where it is grown and it is much more than the other grapes.

Gutudel is one of the most widely planted and the most important grape varieties of Switzerland, despite its presence in Germany. In fact this grape is more known by its French name of Chasselas, despite France not being the major producer of this grape.

When it comes to Switzerland, the variety feels at home in Switzerland, with the grape taking over the baton of becoming the alpine country’s flagship variety of grape.

This grape covers a lot of vineyard area in Switzerland and more so in the Vaud region. The grape finds Switzerland so favourable is because of the weather and the mountainous terrain.

Also, this grape matches well with the local traditional cuisine like the fondue. Overall, this grape has been produced in Germany & Switzerland since the past 500 years.

Characteristics of Gutedel Wine

Most Gutedel grapes tend to produce wines which are light and which can be enjoyed when the grapes are young. The wines produced from these grapes do not last long, due to their low acidity levels.

The best examples of this wine include those varieties which produces a range of flavours ranging from fruity to floral to mineral flavours with good acidic content having the ability to age well.

These typically produce complex and rich wines giving out flavors of honey and nuts with the colour being that of golden hue.

Food Pairings with Gutedel wine

Gutedel wines due to their neutral flavours, goes well with light dishes like mild cheese, egg & pasta dishes, mushroom pasty, cheese fondue etc.

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