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Hárslevelű grapes

by Jan 8, 20170 comments

Hárslevelű is a native grape variety of Hungary. It is known for producing excellent white wines. It is the second most commonly planted grape variety in Hungary.


Botanically, it belongs to the Pontian Balcanica branch of the Vitis vinifera. It is one of the most popular white wines not only in Hungary but, in many parts of the world. This Hungarian white wine has many lovers scattered across the globe.

Hárslevelű refers to lime leaf in various languages. The exact translation of Harslevelu is “Linden Leaf”.  This white grape variety forms a great blend.

Wine grape varieties

It is blended with other wines to intensify their character.  It is one of the 3 prominent grape varieties that are used to make the popular sweet wines of the wine region of Tokaj.

It forms about 18% of Tokaj’s vines. It is blended to Muscat and also to Furmint. It is blended to Furmint to form Tokaji Aszu, to add the richness and floral aromas of the wines.

This grape variety works amazingly as a blend.  Not just blend, this grape variety is also used to make excellent dry white wines these days. It is also used for making independent sweet wines.

Wine Regions of Hárslevelű

Hárslevelű is majorly planed in the Carpanthian Basin along with many other wine regions of Hungary. The grapes that are produced in the little wine region, Somlo is considered as the most noted one.

The grapes that grow in the Solmo region produce wines that have fewer aromas, but a greater amount of minerality. Harslevelu white wine is great but, those produced in the Solmo region are quite extra- ordinary.

The vines of Tokaj- Hegyalia are also amazing. This grape variety is also cultivated in South Africa as well as Slovakia and Germany.

Wines with Hárslevelű grapes

Viniculture for Hárslevelű

The wine requires warm mesoclimate. The areas where it is planted have an apt environment for the grapes to grow. The areas also offer humidity that causes an amazing growth of the vines.

Amidst apt temperature and humidity, Harslevelu gives amazing yield. The grapes grow in loose bunches. The berries are typically thin skinned. The thin skin of the berries contributes to the vulnerability to noble rot.

This causes concentration of the grapes that are already quite high in sugar. It is due to these climatic favours that the popular Aszu wines have such strong characteristics.

Harslevelu is also vinifies dry. This makes it a little herbaceous and full- bodied. It is then subjected to barrel maturation. The wines are aged by bringing in use flor.


Hárslevelű has many names. It is known by different names in different regions. The major synonyms of Hárslevelű are Lipovina (in Slovak), Lindenblattriger (in German), Frunza de Tei (in Romanian), Feuille de Tilleul (in French), Budai Goher, Frunze de Tei, Frunza de Tei, gars Levelyu, garsleveliu, Garsh Levelyu, Gorsh Levelyu, Garsz Levelju, Harch Levelu, Hachat Lovelin, Harchlevelu, Hars Levelu, Hars Levelyu, Harslevele, Harst Leveliu, Hosszunyelu Feher, Harst Leveliu, Kerekes, Kereklevelu, Lammerschwanz, Lindenblattriger, Weisser, Lindenblatrige, Lindenblutrige, Lindenblattrige, Linder, Lipolist Biyali, Lipolist, Musztafer, Tarpai, Nothab, Tokai, Voros and Tokay.

Character of the Hárslevelű

The wines produced by Hárslevelű white grape variety can be described as intensely aromatic, rich in texture, green-gold wine having Linden honey flavours.

The aroma of the wines has spicy notes along with elderflower and pollen. The wines made by Harslevelu showcase intense character, whether its aroma or taste.

The smoky and honey character of the wine stand out. The name of the wine gives a big referral to the aroma. Linden Leaf stands for linden- like aroma. The wine gives out intense lined- like aroma as it ages.

The wines are typically full- bodied wines. They cast a spell on the palate. The intense taste of the Harslevelu white wine is a pleasure for the taste buds.

Food Pairings with Hárslevelű Wine

Hárslevelű has sweet, intense characters along with smoky attributes. This makes it an apt pair for cheese. Hárslevelű is best paired with Roquefort blue cheese.

Roquefort blue cheese, which is sweet in taste goes well with the dry Hárslevelű white wine. The combination gives an amazing flavour on the palate.

The characteristics of both, wine and cheese intensify and support the taste and character of each other doing a miracle on the taste buds.

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