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Heroldrebe grapes

by | Jan 8, 2017

Heroldrebe is a red wine grape variety which is native to Germany. This grape variety is a cross between Blauer Portugieser and Lemberge (Blaufrankisch).


There are several drawbacks of this red grape variety and this is a big reason behind the fading popularity of the Heroldrebe red wines.

Once, it was considered as one of the most sought after red wines of all time, but today is not very popular.

Wine grape varieties

This wine variety is used in approx fifty-nine wines. Some wines are a blend while, some are clean varietal. Both blend and varietal are perfect concoction of flavour, character and aroma.

Heroldrebe wines include Syrah, Chardonnay, Nebbiolo, Cabernet Franc, Cabernert Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. In Palantine, Heroldrebe produces light hued, pinkish wines.

History of Heroldrebe grapes

The history of Heroldrebe dates back to 1929. The creator of Heroldrebe was August Herold. He created this grape variety in the year 1929 at grape breeding institute in Weinsberg at the Wuettermberg region.

The grape variety was named after him. This grape variety is a crossroad of the Lviv region and the Blue Portuguese region.

After breeding Heroldrebe, Herold took another round of experiment. He later crossed Heroldrebe with Helfensteiner and produced Dornfelder.

The popularity of Dornfelder raised and it went on becoming the most broadly cultivated grape variety created by August Herold.

Another grape variety which is an offspring of Heroldrebe is Hegel. Hegel was produced by crossing Heroldrebe with Helfensteiner.

The biggest drawback that Heroldrebe has is that it is a very late ripening grape variety. It was harvested at the time when Pinot Noir is harvested. This drawback has seized the popularity and love for this wine.

If numbers are to be believed, Heroldrebe covered a total of 380 acres (155 hectares) of land in the year 2008 in Germany. In Palantine, it was grown in total of 240 acres (99 hectares), in Wurttemberg, it covered 57 acres (23 hectares) while, in Rheinhessen, Heroldrebe was grown in about 79 acres (32 hectares). Today, unfortunately, the plantings and cultivation of Heroldrebe is almost on the verge of extinction.

Synonyms of Heroldrebe

Heroldrebe is known by its breeding code. The popular synonyms of Heroldrebe include Weinsberg S 130 and We S 130.


Heroldrebe is a late ripening grape variety. Due to this trait, the grape variety requires warmer climate. In the warm climate of Werttermberg, Rheinhessen and Pfalz enable good yields of this grape variety in these regions, but not massive enough to raise the popularity of this grape variety again.

The berries of Heroldrebe are dark coloured. But, the wine that they produce is not as dark in colour. The wine is quite light in colour. The berries are plentiful.

The dense berries make the vine a wrong option to be placed on the table. The shoots are typically white to yellowish brown in colour. The leaves are quite hairy and large. They are dark green in colour.

One positive attribute about this grape variety is that it is immune to winter frost, powdery mildew (peronospora) or trickling. This grape variety is considered as one of the most insensitive grape varieties.

Characteristics of Heroldrebe

The characters of Heroldrebe are quite rich. This red grape variety produces wines that are quite fruity in nature. The wines are full- bodied but, very- very mild.

The lightness and the other characters that this wine possesses make this wine an apt option for summers. The grapes can be processed into amazing white herbs or rose wines.

It makes up for a great summer drink as they land an amazing freshness to the taste buds. This wine makes up for a great summer companion.

Heroldrebe red wine has neutral tannins. They have very pleasant acidity. The crisp light red colour gives an inviting feel to the wine.

Food Pairings with Heroldrebe

Heroldrebe is a fruity flavoured wine. Hence, it complements the taste of sautéed mushrooms. The mildness, lightness and pleasant acidity of this wine make it quite refreshing and this makes it a great summer companion.

On a warm summer day, plan a lunch for your friends and serve Heroldrebe with Cepes la Bordelaise i.e. sautéed mushrooms. They are surely going to love it and will shower the host with praises.

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