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Humagne Blanche grapes

by | Jan 9, 2017

Humagne Blanche is one of the very old Swiss grape varieties. This is a very popular white grape variety. Humagne Blanche is broadly planted in the Valais region currently.

Humagne Blanche

Apart from the Valais region, some plantings can also be found in Gascony where is grown under a different name. In Gascony, it is grown as Miousat.

Wine grape varieties

Bearing a similarity with the name Humagne Rouge, Humagne Blanche is not remotely related to Humagne Rouge. In Valais, Humagne Rouge stands for Cornalin.

Humagne Blanche is a parent to Lafnetscha and Himbertscha. This wine possesses mild but, quite emanate features. The features come out amazingly after 5 to 7 years.

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History of Humagne Blanche

The history of this grape dates back to the 12th century. Humagne Blanche is one of the most ancient grapes varieties. It is said that during the middle ages Humagne Blanche was the wines of lords and the bishops.

This white grape variety belonging to Switzerland was brought by the Romans. This wine variety is closely related to Colombaud. This made people think that this wine is brought from the southern France, but some people strongly suggest the Roman theory.

One interesting fact that should be noted is that Humagne Blanche has gained the reputation as a health wine. This health wine (Krankenwein) tag is attributed to the fact that this white wine is a rich source of iron.

Even during the ancient times, this wine was given to the women during and after the child birth. The old documents are the testimony of this fact. The wine has got a description as asvinum hum- anum from 12th and 14th centuries. This wine is also known as Kinderbetternwein or the baby crib wine. Today, this wine is considered as a treasure of the Valasian heritage.

Wines with Humagne Blanche grapes

Viniculture of the Humagne Blanche grapes

The grape is not so easy to grow. This is the reason why it is so rare even in Switzerland. By the year 2009, there were only 74 acres (30 hectares) covering the plantations solely in Switzerland.

Considered as one of the rarest varieties Humagne Blanche requires a lot of care and attention during its cultivation. It is one of the most delicate white grape varieties. This is the reason for the limited harvest of Humagne Blanche.

Synonyms for Humagne Blanche

There are a few synonyms of Humagne Blache. A few of them are Miousat (in Gascony), Miousap and Humagne.

Character of Humagne Blanche Wine

Talking about the characters of Humagne Blanche, it is quite rich. The colour of the wine is somewhat greenish yellow. It appears excellent in glass.

This rare Swiss grape variety produces wine that is quite dry and possesses very low alcohol content. The most noted feature about the Humagne Blanche wine is the aroma.

As already mentioned, this wine is quite delicate; the aroma of the wine is also delicate. The aroma of the wine is very mild and pleasing.

Carrying the mesmerizing aroma of white blossom, the wine also showcases some enthralling fruity notes especially of resin and honey. The wine shows nuttiness in combination of mild notes of menthol, which makes it quite distinct.

The aroma of this wine can make anyone go weak on his knees. It can be described as truly mesmerizing. Though it lacks intensity, but its mildness stands out.

Other features of Humagne Blanche white wine are quite appealing. The wine carries an amazing crispness.

The wine is generally full- bodied. It is considered richer than Petite Arvine and Amigne but, the wine carries slightly neutral flavours as compared to the both of them. This wine lends an amazing taste on the palate.

This wine has an amazing quality to reach its full potential in a period of about three to five years of repository.

After storing it for so long, one can easily notice the drastic enhancement of all the characters giving this wine distinctiveness. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that this wine ages gracefully.

Food Pairings with Humagne Blanche

The low acidity and crispness of Humagne Blanche white wine makes it a good companion of many delicious delicacies.

The fruity, nutty and mild flavours of Humagne Blache taste amazing with cheese. This amazing white wine goes quite phenomenally with Goats’ cheese and walnuts drizzled with honey.


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