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Huxelrebe grapes

by | Nov 22, 2016

Huxelrebe is a white wine grape which is particularly grown in Germany with a cultivated area of 677 hectares in 2006 in a declining trend.

Wine grape varieties

Genetic Parentage

Dr. Georg Scheu, who was a German Viticulturalist created Huxelrebe in 1927. At that time, he was working in an institute of grape breeding in Alzey, Rheinhessen with the designation of a Director.

He crossed Courtiller Musque (Muscat Precoce de Saumur) and Gutedel (Chasselas) to create Huxelrebe. In 1969, Huxelrebe achieved varietal protection.

Earlier known as Alzey S 3962, its breeding code, the name of the variety came from a nursery owner and viticulturist Fritz Huxel, who cultivated it for the first time extensively. This occurred in the 1950’s in Rheinhessen, Westhofen and Huxel became an essential champion of the grape variety.

Huxel was awarded with several prizes for this wine. The end part Rebe’ of the wine is a German term meaning vine. The grape matures really fast and produces late Harvest (Auslese) sweet wines, even when other grapes are not able to.

This is all because of the Gutedel genes present in Huxelrebe. And the Muscat gives it tartness like rhubarb and an intense fruity aroma.

Regions Where It Is Grown

Primarily, it is grown in the wine regions of Germany such as Palantine, Pfalz, Nahe and Rheinhessen. Some small plantings are also seen in England, where the cold climate favors its growth.


There are no other synonyms for Huxelrebe than its bredding code AS 3962 or Alzey S3962.

Wines with Huxelrebe grapes

Characteristics of Grape

The green-yellow berries of the grape have a spicy and juicy flavor.

After pollination, the germination of the pollen grains takes place and ovules develop.

Anyhow, no fertilization occurs due to which the flowers are not yet dropped. Thus the berries are very sweet and small.

Beautiful bunches of Huxelrebe in Front Meadow at New Hall #happywinemaker #happyvineyardday #huxelrebe

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The exotic bouquet which is fruity has a flavor of passion fruit and mango. The wines can be stored well due to their vigorous acidity and the wines may be alive and fresh even after several years.

Viticulture and Vinification

Huxelrebe is a grape variety which produces high yields and ripens early. It can produce wines of great quality, typically sweet wines as dessert wine or an aperitif, if the yields are regulated.

The Huxelrebe ripens very early within the vineyard during the season and can also become weightier. Usually it can achieve Auslese ripness in less than a year. The wines have a tendency to show high acidity with the fragrances of rhubarbs.

The Huxelrebe wines which are high-end are produced from riper grapes, which usually have aromas like Muscat in addition. Huxelrebe is a fruitful yielder which is also able to show high amount of sugar along with its vulnerability to botrytis infection.

This feature makes it a natural preference for the production of sweet wine. Although it is a high-yielding grape, its fragrance and flavor profile are rather assertive and because of this the enthusiasm of several people is tempered for it as a superior wine grape.

The wine is produced from the grapes which are harvested by hand and at least at a temperature of 120⁰ Oechsle. Towards the last part of the ripening process, the sugar extract and concentration develop.

This is because the grapes get infected by Botrytis due to which the juice gets concentrated inside the grape as the skins become porous.

Characteristics of Wine

The wine is light lemon gold in color when poured out in a glass. The nose was deep with funky, smoky aromas of honey, dried apricot, orange peel and orange marmalade.

The wine is full-bodied on the palate with quite strong acidity. It is very sweet with essence of orange crème, honey, dried apricot and orange marmalade.

The wine is completely balanced and is a pleasure to drink, although the nose may feel funky and odd. Completely ripened Huxelrebe produces a rich flavor and bouquet, and as its legacy implies, it shows a sophisticated Muscat tone.

As a dessert wine, this white wine is the menu’s finishing touch. The wine certainly gives intense stone fruit and pure citrus flavors.

Food Pairings with Wine

Huxelrebe is a superb companion of blue cheese, cold soup, mango salad, cheddar cheese, and pumpkin pie and cheesecake.

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