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Irsay Oliver grapes

by | Jan 11, 2017

Irsay Oliver is a white wine producing grape variety grown mainly in Hungary region. It is a cross breed grown from the cross of Pozsonyi white and Pearl of Csaba grape varieties.

Irsay Oliver

In some regions it is also known as Muskat Oliver. It was first crossed to make table wines, but now it is also being used to make blends and even varietals.

The wine’s productivity is very uniform as the vine ripens early and is safe from most of the diseases. This is one reason why people tend to take this wine variety on a regular basis.

The acidic content of the wines is not high and the wines are not expensive and so the local population tends to buy the wine at a larger rate. False taste may be developed due to aging as it is not favourable for wines made from this variety of grapes.

Wine grape varieties

The wine is spreading all over the world in terms of low cost and high productivity. The production of the grape is spreading to a number of areas and the export of the wines is also being done on a large scale.

Almost everyone can afford the wine and enjoy the flavours. The features of the wine are not very distinct, but they are good enough to serve to the daily needs of wine of the local population. Many people are not attracted to the wine because of its low acidic content.

Origin of Irsay Oliver

Irsay Oliver is a cross between Pozsonyi white and Pearl of Csaba grape varieties. It is a popular white wine producing grape variety in Hungary.

It was first introduced in the year 1930 with the intension of making better quality table wines. But later experiments were done on the wine and it is not used to make varietals and is being used in the blends of a number of wines.

Who first made this cross, how was it found, are some questions that still have no proof and hence like most of the other wines the exact history of this grape also remains a mystery Other than Hungary, the grape started to be cultivated in Slovakia, Moldova and parts of Russia.

Features of Irsay Oliver

The Irsay Oliver grape grows in loose and large clusters. They are not very prone to most of the viticulture hazards, but it is said to be affected by powdery mildew.

This makes the productivity of the wine very steady and uniform. Irsay Oliver is an early ripening variety of grape. Usually the buds reach its maximum ripening in August.

Wines made from Irsay Oliver grape usually have a pungent aroma but also show reminiscent of Muscats. They are light yellow-green in colour.  On the tongue, Irsay Oliver wines give a spicy and sometimes vegetal flavour.

The acidic content of the wines is not high. The wines made from this grape are made with the intension of making inexpensive white wines in the region.

The wines are said to taste best when consumed young. It is available in the market almost all time in good quantity and so it is not very famous for its taste but for its effective cost and high availability. This wine must be tasted at least once in a lifetime!

Food Pairing with Irsay Oliver wine

The acidic content of the wines made from Irsay Oliver grapes is not very high and so it is better taken with light dishes. Irsay Oliver grape wines taste well when taken with cheese or any mild dish.

It is also consumed with potato soup. Dishes like Pad Thai are also known to be perfect for taking with Auxerrois wines; on the other hand they also complement different kinds of salads.

You do not need any strong flavours or salty dishes to cherish the taste of wines made from Irsay Oliver grapes.

You can enjoy the wines with chestnuts alone. If you do not eat anything with this wine, it is possible.

It is not a very famous variety for wine making but it has still managed to be able to produce wines with 100% grape of its own.

One must try the wine as it is becoming famous in a number of European countries like Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and any more.

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