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Jacquère grapes

by | Jan 11, 2017

Jacquère is a white wine producing grape variety grown popularly in the Savoy region in France. More than half of the plantations in Savoy regions are owned by Jacquère grape variety.


About 1000 hectares of land in France cultivate Jacquère grape. It is a very important grape to the region. Its use can also be found in Bugey wines. A number of wines use it in their blends.

It is also used to make varietals. The price of the wine is high, but if we consider the quality of the wine, the price will seem to be very reasonable. The wines have a high acidic content which attracts more and more people.

Wine grape varieties

The production, on a very small scale, has begun in Portugal. In some region, it is also known by the name Molette de Montmelian or Martin-côt.

The high yield of the grape is high which is why a lot of experiments are being done to find more and more uses of the grapes in different wines to make new and unique tastes.

The aromas of the wines are very light which is why its fresh taste is the only thing that attracts many wine tasters. The grape is not allowed to be used in Condrieu Appellation d’Origine Controlée wines.

Origin of Jacquère grapes

Jacquère grape is said to be of French origin. Jancis Robins first mentioned the grape in 1868 but is believed to be known at the time of collapse of Mont Granier in 1248.

Since 1980’s, many experiments have been done on the grape to improve the quality and as a result the yield of Jacquère grape has gone very high.

This leads to a large scale production of wines made from this grape. The region was earlier in famous because of the fact that the wines made were not distinctive.

Almost all of them had the same features. With the making of Jacquère grape wines, this trend came to an end and the Savoy region started showing varieties in their wines.

Some experiments show that Gouaisblanc is on its parent while the other is still not known. Other details about how the grape reached to France is still not known.

Wines with Jacquère grapes

Features of Jacquère Wine

The yield of the Jacquère grape is very high. Wines made from Jacquère grape are light pale yellow in colour. The grape makes dry white wines which are very lightly scented.

The aroma is of peach, green apple and freshly cut grass. Jacquère grape wines with a high level of acidic content. They taste best when consumed young. If aged some false taste might develop.

They are usually referred to as alpine-clean or mountain-fresh. The citric flavour and aroma this variety has is among the best high acidic wines produced in the region.

By one name or the other you will find wine made from this grape in almost all the wine shops in the region. The minerality of the wine is one of the reasons why it is cherished by a majority of people.

The region makes wines using 80% of Jacquère grape too. The failure of the vine in the region will result in huge loss to the Savoy wine region.

Food Pairing with Jacquère wines

Wines made from Jacquère grape have a high acidic content and so they are well paired with most of the dishes. You can enjoy the taste with yellow cheeses.

You can take fruits like green apple or avocado to cherish the taste of this wine. Almonds are also perfect with this wine. Since it is slightly acidic, it can be taken with light salted dishes such as peanuts or salads.

Vegetables with red sauce is said to taste the best with this wine and other dishes with intense taste are also suggested. You can also enjoy this wine with eggplant parmigiana.

It is ideal for the wine taster seeking different flavours and varieties of wines. This variety of grapes is rare, but its high quality makes it an important variety.

It therefore needs to be spread across so as to encourage people to grow more and more vines of this rare variety of grape. You can order the wine online if you are interested in trying this special white grape wine.

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