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Juhfark grapes

by | Jan 10, 2017

Juhfark is a famous variety of white wine grape that originates from the species of Vitis vinifera. This grape mainly hails from Hungary.


Interestingly, the name of this white wine grape variety refers to the tail of a sheep. This term refers to nothing but cylindrical and elongated clusters of the grapes of Juhfark.

This variety of white wine grape is mostly blended with a number of indigenous grape varieties and produces a number of tasteful white wines of the world. The unique dangly grape clusters of this white wine grape variety are mostly coupled with a level of neutral acidity.

This variety of white wine grape is mostly planted in Hungary. Somlo is the region where the plantation of this white wine grape variety carries out in abundance.

In fact, the vines of this white wine grape are considered as very rare Hungarian vines of the world that are mainly associated with their plantings in the regions of Somlo.

The volcano affected soil in this particular region helps this white wine grape possess a strong mineral flavour which is further backed by a very good level of acidity as well as secondary notes of citrus blossom.

Wine grape varieties

Thus, the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are not fruity, but a little salty in nature. This grape attains its full maturity in a period of five years or more.

This variety of white wine grape is very much prone to mildew. Therefore, it demands a great attention on the part of its cultivator in order to ward off the diseases to spread in the entire plantation of these vines.

The plantings of these vines of Juhfark are more prominent in the wine regions of Somlo at the northwestern region of Hungary. In the Somlo region of Hungary, where this grape is planted in abundance, it spreads up to an area of 100 hectares of plantings.

As of the records of the year 2008, around 328 acres of the plantation of Juhfark have been encountered in all of the Hungary regions.

This grape variety is known under a number of synonyms such as Balatoni Szolo, Basco, Boros, Boros Vekonyheju, Boros Feher, Baryanyfarku, Budai Goher, Dunnschalige, Durbants, Durbancs, Coada Oil, Feherszolo, Feher Boros, Ihfarku, Mohasci, Musztafehar, Mustafer, Jufarco, Juhfarku, Kukuruztraube, Vinase, Tarpai, Tokayer Langer Weisser and many others.

Origin of the Juhfark grapes

The white wine grape variety of Juhfark finds its very origin in Hungary. According to a majority of studies, this grape variety originates from the region of Somlo, where it is still planted and looked after by the local peasants.

Characteristics of Juhfark Wines

The wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are considered as very tasteful in nature. This grape entertains high yields and when it does; its berries produce a high aid as well as neutral wine which is mostly uninteresting.

However, it is the volcanic soils of the Somlo region that take all the credits of making these wines as more tasteful and elegant in nature as this region helps to provide a great terroir as well as mineral to this grape.

The wines produced out of this white wine grape variety often give hints of apple and pear and are floral yet herbal as to their character.

However, when these wines are consumed with the food, the fruity flavour of these wines somehow disappears and the resulting flavour is very smoky and chalky.

The quality of the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety cannot be considered as fruity on the whole. They are rich and at the same time they are a little salty as to their taste.

The best wines out of this grape variety are produced out of the grapes that have already been aged for five years or so. Most of the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety are very neutral as to their flavour.

Furthermore, the calcareous soil makes them well suited in order to provide them an exclusive sense of provenance.

These wines have a fiery nature and the level of acidity in them remains fresh throughout their consumption.

Food pairing with Juhfark Wines

All the wines produced out of this white wine grape variety taste their best when they are paired with the food items like Töltött Tojás, glass noodles with tofu and cilantro as well as feta and broad beans on the toast.

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