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Kotsifali grapes

by Jan 13, 20170 comments

Kotsifali is an excellent red wine grape which is a native of Greece. This Greek indigenous red wine grape is found on the island of Crete.


The major region where this grape variety is grown is in the Heraklion regional unit and also intermittently on the Cyclades.

It is one of the most popular red wine grape varieties across the world and bears the potential to produce one of the most sought after red wine.

The red- skinned grapes are used as perfect blends. It forms an excellent blend with Mandilaria to give a dry ruby- red coloured wine having a very pleasant taste and mesmerizing aroma.

The blend variety needs minimal aging and produce quite rich features without maturing. Both the wines complement each other and form an excellent blend.

Wine grape varieties

The blend intensifies the characters that are low in the Kotsifali red grapes. The classic Cretan red wine blends are something to die for.

This wine can be described as a traditional “South Mediterranean” wine as it bears all he Hallmark features that a traditional “South Mediterranean” wine bears.

The characteristic features like low intensity colour, smooth tannins, high alcohol, soft acidity, high in perfume, et al are a trademark of the South Mediterranean wines and Kotsifali possesses all these characters.

Wines with Kotsifali grapes

Viniculture for Kotsifali grapes

This red- skinned grape variety is a native to indigenous Greece. The major vineyards of this red grape are located at the Greek Crepe Island.

Here, the grape variety has been cultivated for years. Crepe Island is the major producer of this red grape variety.

Apart from the Crepe island, this red grape variety is also grown every now and then on the Cyclades and the Heraklion regional unit.

The cultivation of the vines in these two areas is rather irregular. The red wine grapes are also planted at the Greek island of Rhodes. In the Greek Island of Rhodes, the cultivation and harvesting is quite regular.

The farming of Kotsifali red- wine grape variety is rather low- yielding, but the growers never took a back step in growing this red wine grape in the Greek islands.

They applied many modern vineyard tactics and practices to grow the vines and got their due by yielding very superior wines.

The vines of Kotsifali grapes are harvested quite late in the season. They are harvested late in August. The late harvesting attributes to the high sugar content in the grapes. Nevertheless, the harvesting date varies from one vineyard to other.

Synonyms of Kotsifali

Kotsifali is known by different names like Kotsiphali, Kotrifali, et al.

Characteristics of Kotsifali Wines

As already mentioned, this red wine has all the characters that fit it in the bracket of “South Mediterranean” wines. Elaborating the characters more, the wine has a less intense red colour.

This is due to the lack of the colour lending agent anthocyanins. The varietal wine is corpulent. The wine is quite high in alcohol content which is due to the high sugar content in the grapes and very mild in acidity.

The smooth tannins lend this wine a smooth character. The wine lacks structure. But, still Kotsifali red wine is very pleasing on the palate and just tingle the taste buds as the wine is medium to high bodied.

The aroma of the wine is generally very intense. It is one of the finest red wines and it can be said that it is an excellent blend of traditional wine and modern wine.

The traditional base of the wine carries modern touches making this amazing red wine, drool worthy. The lack of intensity does not tarnish the popularity of the wine. Also, the blends cover up for all the shortcomings of the varietals.

The different wine making style enhances the characters a bit. It makes the wine fruity, elegant, subtle and graceful. It actually covers up the less intense features of the red wine.

Talking about the characters of the blend, the relationship between Kotsifali and Mandilaria, which is reciprocal, stand up for the benefit of the blend.

Where, Kotsifali lacks colour intensity and tannins, Mandilaria is rich in both and hence, the blend comes out as a well- rounded one. The blend carries delicate spice as well as red berry notes.

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