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Kövérszőlő grapes

by | Jan 13, 2017

Kövérszőlő which is also known as Fehérszőlő (the fat grape), Resertraube, etc. is the grape native to Transylvania.


This grape variety is also found in the Tokaj- Hegyalja, which is the wine region of Hungary. This is considered amongst the best wines of the world. It belongs to the Vitis Vinifera species.

This grape variety is a cross between Kadarka and Munkatsy Jozsef (which is a crossing between Muscat of Alexandria and Diamanttraube.

Wine grape varieties

It is used in producing aszu wines as it is quite vulnerable to botrytisation and also, due to that fact that is very high in sugar. This grape variety is the parent of Feteasca Regala.

To produce Feteasca Regala, this grape variety is crossed with Feteasca Alba. Kövérszőlő is generally a big berried grape variety. This grape variety ripe quite early and is really very high in sugar.

History of Kövérszőlő  grapes

Kövérszőlő has struggled a lot to reach where it is today. During mid 1800’s the phylloxera epidemic took a toll on Kövérszőlő.

That was the time when almost all the plantings of Kövérszőlő came under the dark spell of phylloxera. But, fortunately some of the plantings of Kövérszőlő survived the epidemic.

Some growers put their blood and sweat in bringing Kövérszőlő back. Their hard work paid off and Kövérszőlő came back again with a bang.

Major Wine Regions with Kövérszőlő grapes

As already mentioned above in this article, Kövérszőlő has the major plantings in Transylvania. Apart from Transylvania some plantings of Kövérszőlő are also found in Tokaj- Hegyalja and also in Romania. The plantings in Tokaj- Hegyalja and Romania are quite fewer.

Wines with Kövérszőlő grapes

Viniculture for Kövérszőlő grapes

Kövérszőlő has large berries. It is a typical early ripening grape variety. Growing this grape variety is quite demanding as it requires a lot of attention and good management.

The crops require extensive pruning. A little negligence destroys the vines. A good crop management is required to get the best yield. The growers also need to pick the berries quite early.

With this grape variety, everything just goes so fast and the reason behind this is that this grape variety is very susceptible to (Noble Rot). Going extra fast with Kövérszőlő prevents Botrytis and also improves the yields by leaps and bounds.

Talking about the soil requirement, to grow Kövérszőlő requires mineral rich compact clay soil with the base stone of Rhyolite Tuff. The berries are then hand- picked and then they are fermented using native yeasts in the used Hungarian Oak.

One thing to note is that sulphur is not added to the wine until it reaches the bottle. All these practices bring out the best characters of the wine once the wine is bottled.

Characteristics of Kövérszőlő wines

The characters of Kövérszőlő are quite rich and appealing. Starting with the colour, the colour of the wine is greenish. The characters of the wine are all similar to the characters of Tokaji.

The best word to describe the wine is “harmonic” and “youthful”. Kövérszőlő contains a lot of freshness to it. It has a slight amount of residual sugar to it. The amount of residual sugar in the wine is generally 115 g/l.

The fragrance of the wine is very hypnotizing. The wine carries gentle acids. It carries a fair taste of the table grapes. The alcohol content of the wine is generally 11 V/V %.

The exact content might vary with the manufacturers and various vineyards. Overall, the characters of the wine are quite delicate and elegant which makes the wine drool worthy.

The aroma of this wine is very- very enthralling. The aroma is a gripping combination of ripe pear, pineapple and fresh fruits. The fragrance also carries notes of honey, spices and fresh cream.

The wine carries hints of rose pepper, cardamom, ginger and vanilla. The youthfulness and the freshness that this wine incorporates make it the best option for hot sunny days.

Food Pairings with Kövérszőlő wines

On a hot summer day, gather up with your near and dear ones and serve Kövérszőlő along with little bites of crunchy bread dipped in artisan extra virgin olive oil and get ready to garner all the appreciation.

Kövérszőlő is best paired with bread along with extra virgin olive oil. This combination makes a bright sunny day even brighter.

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