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Kratosija grapes

by | Jan 13, 2017

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Kratosija is a grape variety that hails from Macedonia. This is an excellent red grape variety that is majorly planted in The Republic of Macedonia.


The beautiful ruby- red colour and the intense fragrance of red berry fruits are the primary characters if this red wine producing grape variety.

Kratosija has always been a known and loved red wine grape variety. There are several characters of the grape that produce an excellent wine. The wine has a massive fan following not only in Macedonia but, also in the whole world.

The berries of Kratosija are typically medium in size. In shape, they are anywhere flat to round. The berries bear very thick skin and as far as colour is concerned, the grapes are dark intense blue in colour.

The clusters of this red wine grape variety are medium in size. They are conical and cylindrical in shape. The clusters are with one separate rachis that is either mealy or medium compressed.

Wine grape varieties

Comparing this red wine grape variety to Vranec gave out some interesting findings about the traits of this grape. The sugar content in Kratosija red wine grape variety is quite less as compared to Vranec.

Also, the amount of acid in Kratosija is very high. Genetically, this grape variety is similar to the genetics of the Primitivo variety i.e. Crljenak Kastelanski or Zinfandel.

This fact was clarified after the DNA profiling of these grape varieties, that they have the same genes. There is quite a question mark revolving the claims that Primitivo, Zinfandel, Crljenak Kastelanski and Kratosija are the same grape variety but, have various names.

This fact is still not clear as there are several other factors contraindicating the claims. All the wines grow in different kind of climate as well as soil condition. The wines that they produce show a string character of the vineyard they belong to.

History of the Kratosija grapes

Kratosija is a known red wine variety grape since ancient times. It holds a very long history in the Republic of Macedonia.

In Macedonia, Kratosija has been planted since very ancient times. It was believed that Kratosija was poured in amphora and then it was sent to noblemen.

As time passed by, the grape variety neared extinction. But, due to the intense love that the wine makers had for this red wine grape variety, the grape variety survived.

The constant efforts of the wine makers made this wine variety a top quality wine. Today, the love and fondness for Kratosija has increased by leaps and bounds.

Wine Regions with Kratosija grapes

Kratosija mainly grows in the Tikves wine region in The Republic of Macedonia. It has been grown there by leaps and bounds since ancient times.

Characteristics of Kratosija Wines

Kratosija has very strong and intense characters. The wines produced by the Kratosija produce the most versatile wine.

All the characters that the grape possesses come out quite amazingly in the wine. Kratosija wine can be described as fruity just like Beaujolais style wines.

The aroma of the wine is also very fruity. The mild fruity scent of this wine is quite appealing. One thing to note about the aroma of this wine is that with time, the aroma has a way to change from fruity to a little spicy.

They produce a beautiful light red colour with a slight violet hue. The ruby- red colour of the wine looks fantastic. Kratosija red wine is dry in nature.

The percentage if alcohol in the wine is quite high which is attributed to the high content of sugar hat is present in the berries. The amount of acid in the wine is quite reasonable.

The wines are complex and sophisticated. The wines produced by Kratosija grapes are worth ripening just like Bordeaux style.

Synonyms of Kratosija

Indifferent regions Kratosija red wine is known by different names. Some of the common synonyms of Kratosija include Kratoshiya or Kratoshija.

Food Pairings with Kratosija Wines

Kratosija is an amazing wine to be paired with barbequed stuff. The flavours of Kratosija red wine comes out very well with barbequed food.

The fruity notes of this wine make it an amazing combination with the very famous piquant cheese. The flavours of the cheese complement the flavours of wine.

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