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Lagrein grapes

Lagrein grape is an ancient grape varietal which is mostly cultivated in the luminous estates of Trentino-Alto Adige region of northeastern Italy.

It produces wines which are extremely strong when it comes to the taste and are full bodied with flavours of wild cherry and plum arising out of it.

The wine made from this grape is particularly known for its deep and dense colour and it is one of the best wines when it comes to the blends.

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Origin of Lagrein Grape

There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to the name of the lagrein grape and where it came from.

One school of thought says that the grape derived its name from the place of its origin that is Greece.

In Greece, the name lagarinthos means ‘hanging; and people feel that this grape derives its name from the mentioned word.

Other school of thought says that this grape derives its name from the Val Lagaria region of southern Italy, just to the south of Alto Adige.

And the majority of the people think that this gape derived its name from the mentioned Italian colony since this grape has been growing here since the start of the 16th century.

As far as the origin of the grape is concerned, it is assumed that this grape came from the teroldego grape and the grape variant of Marzemino happens to be its full sibling. Both these grape varieties are native to Alto-Adige/ Trentino region

Lagrein grape variety is typically created as a varietal wine and it is permitted under Trentino DOC as well as Alto Adige DOC brands.

The slopes of this region, which receive enough sun and the excellent quality of soil helps this region make the best of red wine.

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And this wine stands out amongst the white wines for which this region is famous for.

And not just the mountainous northwestern Italian peninsula, but these grapes are one of the most cultivated grape variants in the new world wine regions of the world.

This grape is widely cultivated in the mountainous region of Adelaide as well as the Macedon ranges of Australia.

This grape is also cultivated in warm regions like California of the United States.

Characteristics of Lagrein Grape

Lagrein grapes tend to have a tendency to give a lower yield, which might be irregular at times.

As a result of this, the winemakers are facing an issue in making a quality product. Also the wine tends to have a very harsh tannic structure and hence the wine feels hard when it is finished, if the yield is irregular.

In order to solve this problem, winemakers are retorting to proper selection of clones which not only help in making sure that the harvests become consistent, but also ensures that the maceration times are lowered.

This helps make a fine tasting wine and with proper aging in an oak barrel, this wine becomes as premium as it can get.

Characteristics of Lagrein Wine

Lagrein wines when are made well can become one of the most offbeat alternative to the regular full bodied wines like for example the ones made from grapes like the Cabernet Sauvignon variety.

The best wines made from these grapes need to be aged for many years, in spite of the fact that young wines taste good.

This wine is often used as a blending partner in wines like Schiava or Teroldego made in the Trentino Alto Adige belt, and the international varieties of red wines like Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Aromas and Flavours of Lagrein Wines

Lagrein wine has a very dark garnet colour with subtle violet reflexes having aromas of black, woodland berries like the blackberry or the bilberry, violets, hints of black chocolate, with a mouth full of spiciness.

This wine can further be characterized with a deep, long finish and velvety tannins with medium alcohol content.

The character of this wine is so unique that it has helped the wine gain a premium spot in the best wines made from the Italian Peninsula.

Food Pairings with Lagrein Wines

Lagrein wine has a north Italian fresh, acidic structure almost characteristic with a slight astringent finish which makes it the best paired wine with food.

This wine can be had with roasted potatoes, Venison stew with dumplings and hard, strong cheeses like the Grana Padano.


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