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Liatiko grapes

by | Jan 15, 2017

The grapes of Liatiko are considered to be producing the rich red wines that are very tasteful and aromatic.


Liatiko is an ancient variety of red wine grape that finds its major origin in Greece. This grape was particularly planted and cultivated on the island of Crete.

The name of this red wine grape clearly suggests its relationship with the Italian grape variety called Aleatico. In hey days, this variety of red wine grape was considered to be one of the most important grape varieties to have grown in the Crete region.

However, in the 21st century, the existence of this grape variety is soon meeting a dead end.

This variety of red wine grape matures in the month of July and this fact has been derived from the name of this red wine grape, which is referred to as July.

However, the grapes of this red wine grape variety do not only ripe in July but in mid-August as well. The history of this grape suggests that this red wine grape has been used in a number of blends along with Kotsifali as well as Mandilaria to altogether produce the wine of Malvasia, which is considered as a very alcoholic and sweet red wine with rich taste and high levels of acidity.

Wine grape varieties

This grape was then exported by the Venetian traders during the middle age in the widest sense where it was highly preferred for consumption throughout the regions of Western Europe.

Today the plantation as well as cultivation of this red wine grape variety is carried out in various regions of Europe, however this grape is planted in very small quantities.

This variety of red wine grape is also known under a number of names such as Aleatiko, Mavroliatis, Mavrodiati as well as Liatis.

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Origin of Liatiko grapes

The red wine grape variety of Liatiko finds its major origin on the island of Crete, particularly in the south Crete. This grape variety is one of the oldest red wine grape varieties and was very much popular during the middle ages.

Today, the cultivation and plantation of this grape variety have become very limited. It is found only in a few parts of Europe in limited quantities.

Characteristics of Liatiko Wines

The berry of this grape is very dark in colour. The skin of this grape variety is considered as a little pigmented and therefore its colour is notoriously hard to extract and to later keep.

When this grape variety reaches its maturation, it loses tint. The vines of Liatiko are considered as very vigorous in nature.

This variety of red wine grape is considered as the foremost ambassador of the grape style which is individually and frequently poorly understood. At the same time, the grapes of this variety when blended into wines become utterly rich and delicious as to its taste.

This variety of red wine grape is able to produce the wines, both in sweet as well as dry style. The former makes the use of the sun-dried grapes to form into various tasteful wines.

The sweet wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are highly over priced and they are often referred to as the best expression of this grape variety.

This variety of red wine grape is relatively low as to its intensity of colour that clearly verges on the garnet. All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are rich as to their flavour.

These wines are intense along with rich and ripe expressions. They taste similar to the flavours of red fruit as well as sweet spices. These wines also entertain high levels of alcohol.

At the same time, the level of tannins found in these wines is very soft. The berries of this grape demand long barrel aging in large and old oaks.

The best wines of Liatiko are prepared in the regions of Heraklion in the Dafnes zone. These wines are also blended with other local grape varieties.

Food pairing with Liatiko Wines

All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are considered as very rich and tasteful in nature. The dry wines produced out of this grape variety are paired best with a deep dish pizza and red sauce pasta. The sweet wines of Liatiko taste the best when they are paired with raisin cake.


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