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Limnio grapes

by | Jan 16, 2017

Limnio is a famous variety of red wine grape which entertains a Greek origin.


To be more specific, this red wine grape variety is indigenous to the Greek island of Lemnos where it was planted in bulk.

This grape variety is considered as one of the important Greek grape varieties and it beholds a very ancient existence.

It is believed that the production of the red wine from this grape variety has been carried out for a period of last 2000 years.

Interestingly, the mention of this grape variety has also been made by the famous poets including Homer and Aristotle.

Wine grape varieties

Thus, it clearly indicates the importance of Limnio in the wine culture of Greece. Today, this red wine grape variety is more commonly taken into use as a part of a number of blended wines that are produced in the region, in consonance with other famous grape varieties such as Grenache, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Xynomavro, Merlot, Grenache, Petite, Cinsaut as well as Aghiorgitiko.

The plantation and cultivation of this red wine grape variety are mostly seen in the country of Greece.

Today, the prime cultivation of this red wine grape variety is carried out in the regions like Halkidiki Peninsula, located in Greek Macedonia and also in the Rapsani area which is located in Thessalia.

This grape variety is mostly considered to be a hardy grape variety that ripens pretty late and entertain a strong drought resistance.

Origin of Limnio grapes

This red wine grape variety entertains a very ancient origin. Limnio is said to have originated on the Aegean Island of Limnos. Surprisingly, the production and cultivation of the vines of this grape variety are not seen in this particular region today.

This assessment coined by Aristotle was also shared by other historians and wine experts. This grape has also been mentioned in the ancient writings of Greece by Polydeuctes and Hesiod.

In such mentions, this grape variety was referred to as Limnia, a very significant grape variety that was primarily used as to the production of the special wines of the island of Limnos.

Synonyms of Limnio

Since this red wine grape variety is very much popular in the regions of Greece, it is also known under a number of names, varying from one region to the other.

The famous synonyms of this red wine grape include Limnia, Lemnia, Limniona, Liminino, Mavro, Kalabaki as well as Kalambaki.

Characteristics of Limnio wine

This variety of red wine grape is considered as an excellent grape variety which is used in the production of both blending as well as varietal wines.

The vines of this grape variety ripen pretty late and these vines also entertain the ability to thrive under various harsh conditions of life.

The grapes of these wines are also considered to produce wines of high alcohol levels as a result of their high must weights.

The varietal wines produced out of this red wine grape variety produce full bodied wines that are as high as to their level of alcohol. These wines also come in an herby taste along with a different note of bay leafs.

Most commonly, this grape also serves as a part of a proprietary red blend. The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are moderate as to their colour plus elegant as to their aroma and flavour.

These wines are dominated by aromatic and fresh herbs along with the flavours of elegant red berry fruits. The level of acidity in them remains medium, whereas the tannin of these wines is very silky.

The wines produced out of Limnio serve as the best variety for all the wine drinkers who do not prefer the heavy and international wine varieties.

This particular grape is able to deliver various interesting flavours, structure as well as brightness. Thus, the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety possess all the important and excellent characteristics which eventually make these wines as one of the most tasteful and preferred wines by the wine lovers.

Food pairing with Limnio wines

All the wines produced out of this red wine grape variety tastes their best when they are paired with the food like several pasta dishes and mild yellow cheese, eggplant, vegetable salads and many more.

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