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Loin- de l’El grapes

by | Jan 15, 2017

This grape variety hails from France’s southwest region of Gaillac – touted as one of the most amazing white grape varieties.

Loin- de l’El

According to the AOC (Appellation d’origine controlee), the white wines hailing from Gaillac must carry about 15% Loin- de l’El blended along with Mauzac.

If not, Loin- de l’El, they must use the substitute i.e. Sauvignon Blanc. Ondenc, Muscadelle or Semillion are the together grape varieties that are used as a blend.

It is also used in many experimental wines of Vin de pays especially the VDPs of the southwest France, Vin de Pays du Comte Tolosan. There it is blended with Petit Manseng, Muscadelle, Muscat Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Mauzac.

Wine grape varieties

This white grape variety produces excellent white wines that are described as full- bodied and bear low acidity. The fruity notes of the white wines though stand out.

Today, there are not many plantings of this amazing white grape variety due to its vulnerability to rot.

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History of Loin- de l’El

The history of Loin- de l’El in the southwest France is quite extensive and intriguing. The history of this white grape variety dates back to 20th century.

During that time many new and international grape varieties were introduced, but the natives loved their origin. The love for the regional wine was so strong that it survived amidst the arrival of many fancy, modern and international wines.

But, due to certain reasons, the production of the vines was drastically going down. The growers got worried about the decreasing figures of the grape production and hence, adopted the laws dictated by the AOC (Appellation d’origine controlee) in the year 1983.

The law asked to cut off the usage of Loin- de l’El, for white blends to preserve the falling numbers. During the 21st century, the law introduced the use of Sauvignon Blanc.

This helped a lot in keeping the presence of this white grape variety intact in France. Today, Loin- de- i’El is one of the most coveted, loved and precious white wine.

Wine Regions with Loin- de l’El

Loin- de l’El is a native to South West France. It belongs to Gaillac. In Gaillac, there were about 30% plantings of Loin- de l’El before the arrival of phylloxera epidemic. According to Gaillac AOC, Loin- de l’El must be included in 15% of white sparkling wine blends.

Viticulture of Loin- de l’El

As already mentioned, Loin- de l’El is quite vulnerable to many grape diseases including rot. In the moist maritime climate of the southwest France, the vineyards are quite affected.

The growers therefore, prefer to have the plantings on the hillside areas where they get amazing vineyard soil that tend to be well drained and also have ventilations of the air currents that help in keeping the vines dry.

This gives the best vines of Loin- de l’El.  The vines can be described as vigorous, giving out large yields. As the grape is blended with Muzac, it tends to ripen up to 2 weeks earlier to Mauzac posing difficulties in front of the growers.

The growers therefore, harvest Mauzac a little earlier to retain its acidity to balance the alcohol present in Loin- de l’El.

Synonyms of Loin- de l’El

Loin- de l’El also spelled as Len de l’Elh, Len de l’EL, Lendelel, Loin- de- l’oeil, Len del El.

Loin- de l’El  is known by many other names. The majorly known synonyms of Loin- de l’El include Cavaille, Cavalie, Cavailles, Cavalier, Kavale, Kavaler, Enhelel, L’ Endellel, Len de l”Elh, Lenc de l”El, Len del El, Len de l’EL and many more to mention.

Characteristics of the Loin- de l’El wines

Loin- de l’El is typically high in sugar, but it is a little flabby as it could not retain its acidity. It is used as blends and also in sparkling and sweet wines that are typically dessert style.

The wines are full- bodied. The wines produced by Loin- de l’El and Mauzac are produced as still wines. The wines produced by the Loin- de l’El white grape variety are alcoholic in nature.

To balance the alcohol in this white grape variety, the growers harvest Mauzac prior to Loin- de l’El. This way, Loin- de l’El and Mauzac produce a great balance between acidity and alcohol. The wines are truly excellent in their nature and character.


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