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Loureira grapes

by Jan 15, 20170 comments

This Portuguese varietal wine is particularly found in the north-eastern region of Duoro Valley.


It has earned a good name in making the very popular and loved Vinho Verde wines that are made in the Minho region. It is included in Vinho Verde blend with the Treixadura.

Loureira is native to Portugal, and is a typical light –skinned grape variety. In Galicia, across the border of Spain towards the north, this grape variety is grown in a small amount.

In this region, this grape variety is known by the name Loureiro. Here, this white grape variety is being brought in use for preparing the popular white wines of Rias Baixas.

Wine grape varieties

They are made by blending this white grape variety with Albarino. Albarino is the pre-eminent white grape variety of this district.

Loureira White wine is quite popular among the classes and the masses. It produces amazing, drool- worthy wines that are rich in texture.

One this that is quite distinctive about the Loureira wine is the bay- leaf scent of the wine. The spicy scent is the one thing that makes this wine stand out. The scent is peculiar to Loureira white wine.

History of Loureira grapes

This Portuguese white wine is quite popular in its varietal version. The varietal wines have carved a niche for themselves in the vast world of wines.

Today, the varietal wines of Loureira are considered as one of the most sought after white wines, but in the past, this grape variety was not as popular in the varietal form as it is today. In the past, Vinho Verde wines incorporated Trajadura along with Pederna (Arinto’s Minho name). They were more popular in their blended forms as compared to the varietal forms.

Gradually, the wine lovers accepted them in varietal forms too. They appreciated the sharp features that the varietal wines pose in front of them and fell in love with the varietal white wines of Loureira. In Spain, this white wine grape variety has been planted since the end of the 20th century.

Wine Regions with Loureira grape variety

Loureira or Loureiro is cultivated in the northeastern region of the Iberian Peninsula. The major regions where it is planted are Galicia in Spain and Minho in Portugal.

In Portugal, this superb white wine grape variety is planted along the Lima River in the Ponte de Lima sub- region, which is a sub- region of the Vinho Verde (Minho wines).

The plantings are also in Rias Baixas except for Basto’s and Amarante sub regions, in the districts of Cinfaes, Resende and Baiao.

Synonyms of Loureira grapes

Loureira wine has many names. It is known by different names in different areas. The major synonyms of Loureira include Galego Dourado, Loureiro, Arinto, Branco Redondos, Branco Redondo, Dorado, Dourado, Dourada, False Pedro, Loeireiro Blanco, Gallego Dourado, Loureira, Loureiro Blanco, Marquez, Marques, Rutherglen Pedro.

Wines with Loureira grapes

Viticulture of Loureira grapes

Loureira is grown extensively in Portugal. The wine that is produced by Loureira is quite refreshing. This white wine variety is quite vulnerable to premature oxidation.

The wines are bottled with a little hint of carbon dioxide in it. The incorporation of carbon dioxide ensures that the wine reaches its optimal quality. Carbon dioxide also adds an amazing effervescent spritz to this excellent white wine.

Characters of Loureira Wines

Loureira is one of the finest white wines. The aroma of this wine is quite peculiar and this is one characteristic that separates it from the rest.

Apart from this too, there are several features of this wine that are quite impressive and distinct. Loureira can be described as a pleasant and fresh wine. The aroma of bay- leaf is the hallmark of this white wine.

The aroma also bears the notes of white flowers and citrus fruits. The white wines made by Loureira white grape variety have intense acidity, but the alcohol content in the wines is quite low. The varietal variability of this wine can be described as medium to high.

Food Pairings with Loureira Wines

Loureira is a refreshing wine. It can be served with many food items that intensify the taste of both the wine and the food. The Loureira white wine is best paired with Lentil and tomato curry.

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