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Luglienga grapes

by | Jan 15, 2017

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Luglienga is a white grape variety and an Italian wine, found regular in the list of the best white wines.


The grape is cultivated extensively in Europe, known by many names including Seidentraube and Lignan Blanc. This white grape variety has an extensive history.

Wine grape varieties

Today, the white grape variety is majorly used as a table grape variety used for most home winemaking.

History of Luglienga grapes

The history of Luglienga dates back to the 14th century. But, the first and foremost written mention of the Luglienga white grape variety is documented in the year 1329.

It was then, mentioned in the old synonym naming Luglienchis. Luglienchis was grown in the Piedmont wine region based in the northwest Italy.

If Ampelographers are to be believed, the name of this white grape variety has an Italian derivation. It is derived from Italian word Lugilo which stands for July.

The nomenclature hints to the early ripening tendency of the white grape during its growing season. The French synonym of Luglienga is Jouanenc which is derived from the word juin, which stands for June; again giving a reference to the early ripening quality.

During the 21st century, the DNA analysis confirmed that Swiss/ German wine grape variety Siedentraube and Lignan Blanc, which is a French wine grape variety were Luglienga.

It also shows parent- offspring relation with Valle d’Aosta wine grape variety Prie Blanc. Luglienga is the parent grape variety here.

In the year 1929, Siedentraube (Luglienga) was crossed with other amazing grape variety Gamay to produce Regner, a white German white grape.

In the year 1850, this white wine grape variety was introduced to the French. It gained the approach to France via the Savoie region. It then went to Switzerland and also in some areas of southern Germany.

Wine Regions with Luglienga grape variety

Majorly this great white grape variety is grown in Europe. But, this variety is not extensively used in winemaking, but only for home winemaking.

Wines with Luglienga grapes

Viticulture of Luglienga grapes

As already mentioned, this white grape variety hailing from Italy is a very early ripening variety. It requires extensive pruning as well as leaf pulling.

If kept in proper check, this Italian grape variety can prove to be quite vigorous. Also, a good feature about it is that it is quite resistant to viticulture hazard like winter frost, but on the other hand it is quite vulnerable to botrytis bunch rot. It can be well trained in pergolas in the over gardens and houses.

Synonyms of Luglienga grape

It will take forever to list all the synonyms of Luglienga. The commonly used synonyms include Agliana, Agostenga, Agosenga di Aosta, Augustaner weiss, Agostenga di Aosta, Augustauer, , Agostinga, Belle Alliance, Blanc de Champagne, Blanc de Bovelle, Blanc précoce de Kientzheim, Blanc de Pagès, Bona in Ca, Blussard weiss, Budazgoher, Blussart weiss, Buona in casa, Busby’s Golden Hamburgh, Burchardt’s Amber Cluster, Champion Dore, Early Kientzheim, Charnu, Early Leipzig, Early White Malvasia, Early Green Madeira, Frueher Grosser Malvasier, Fresa di Mensa, Fruehweisse Zibede, Frueher Leipziger, Frueher Grosser Gelber Malvasier, Frueher Orléans, Grove End Sweetwater, Gosvabne Zhelte, Gelbe Seidentraube, Golden Hamburgh, Guštana, Gros blanc, Hodvabné ztlé, Hedvanbé zluté, Joannen Charnu, Julliatique blanche, Joannenc, Joanenc, Jouanenc, Jouannene, Jouannenc, Juanen, Kientsheim, Karmelitanka bijela, Krim ai Izyum, Krymskii Rannii Vinograd, Krym ai Izyum, Krim ai Izium, Lignan blanc, Lignan, Lignenga, Lilanica, Linian, Limian, Linian belii, Linyan, Linian Belyi, Linyan Belyi, Ligiana bianca, Lugliatica , Lugiadega, Lugliata, Luglienco bianco, Luglienca, Luglienga bianca, Luglienga, Luglienchis, Luglienga bianka, Lulienga, Luglienga verde, Luigese, Lugliota, Lugliolina, Madalénen, Madeleine blanche, Madeleine Alb, Madlen belii, Madeleine verte de la Dorée, Margit Fegher, Meslier, Madlen Belii Rannii, Margit Korai Feher, Margit féher, Pulsar Belyi,  Précoce du Vaucluse, Précoce de Hongrie, Pulsart blanc, Rognaneau, Raisin de la Saint-Jean, Ragusaner weiss, Ranka, Rumamellas, Raisin de Vilmorin, Santa Anna di Lipsia, San Jacopo, Seidentraube, Saint John‘s, Seidentraube Gelb, Shelkovaya Kist, Selkovaia Kist, St. Anna di Lipsia, Uva di Sant’Anna, Uva Pastora, Uva Buona in Casa, Vert Précoce de Madère, Vigriega, Weisser Kilianera and Waelsch Gelb.

Characteristics of Luglienga Wines

Luglienga possesses a neutral personality. This Italian white wine can be described as crisp. The wine carries neutral flavours but, the elevated acidity is the rescuer which lends the wine the personality it possesses. This makes this Italian wine an apt option for blends rather than varietal wines.

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